The Beauty of Marcasite Jewelry

Marcasite Jewelry

Marcasite Jewelry is a popular style of antique designed silver using the mineral pyrite as a crystal gemstone. Marcasite Jewelry gained it's origins from the Incas who were the first to discover and use these beautifully ornate and finely delicate pieces of marcasite crystals jewelry and many have been found in old Inca burials by archeological digs.

The Beauty of Marcasite Jewelry

It is the Victorians who are given credit to first using intricate designs, shimmering color and sparkle in jewelry after Queen Victoria's death. The Art Noveau period as it was called inspired this light, airy, reflective jewelry since diamonds were only reserved for the aristocrats. Marcasite became the popular alternative and diamond substitute and continues to be as popular today. The Victorian Era used silver and other precious metals combined with precious brilliant stones through an inlay process of intricate design and those old antique designs are the inspiration of today's marcasite jewelry.

Appearance of Marcasite Jewelry

Marcasite jewelry has a grey tone and the crystals allow a sparkle and luster with beautiful art deco designs. It can be found as silver pieces of intricate, lacy patterns to gemstones inlaid within the marcasite crystals causing the sparkle and shine.

Marcasite Craftsmanship

The jewelers of today utilize the antique designs of the vintage Victorian era as well as old molds from this time in history to create fine pieces of heirloom quality jewelry that will last for generations to come with proper use, storage and care.

Marcasite jewelry is typically set in pure .925 sterling silver and when these two materials are combined, it creates the toughest metal known and is also tarnish resistant for long wear and durability.

Many marcasite jewelry pieces are hand designed, hand made and hand set which typically means that there are limited quantities and unique designs available for one of a kind heirloom quality jewelry.


The cost of marcasite jewelry is no doubt one of the most appealing since it can be found in all price ranges from $20 and up. This low price point allows consumers to obtain a striking, beautiful, lustrous piece of jewelry at a mere fraction of the cost of higher priced gemstones. Many brides and grooms are choosing marcasite jewelry in engagement rings and wedding bands for the uniqueness as well as the quality.

Marcasite Jewelry

Old history and tradition stated that wearing Marcasite jewelry would protect against enemies and danger.

Cleaning Marcasite Jewelry

Because of the intricate designs of marcasite jewelry, it is recommended to clean daily using a soft buffing cloth.

Chemicals can harm the marcasite and are not recommended for cleaning agents.

Storing marcasite jewelry in zip lock baggies, a silver jewelry liner or silver jewelry box will prevent tarnishing and the need to clean it.

To remove tarnish occasionally,

Dip marcasite into silver solution quickly in and out, rinse with cool water to remove all solution and allow the piece to dry out completely before storing or wearing.

The Wide Variety of Marcasite Jewlery

Availability of a wide selection of jewelry pieces in marcasite is one of the biggest attractions for many people. Inexpensive cost, high durability, long lasting wear, tarnish resistant and ease of shopping for this old world style jewelry are more reasons to love marcasite jewelry.

Find marcasite jewelry online at places like, or any one of the online jewelers to obtain authentic marcasite in rings, earrings, necklaces, brooches, men's jewelry, bracelets, bangles or lockets.

The choices are almost endless in type, style, gemstone use and size of marcasite jewelry and can please everyone from simple jewelry lovers to big, bold jewelry lovers or vintage jewelry lovers for any occasion.