Control & Aesthetics

Control – Vertical blinds offer maximum solar control.  When the sun strikes into your room, a simple twist of the cord can set your room back to harmony again.  Most homeowners never realise just how much the sun was affecting them until they have these magical blinds installed.  Interestingly, upon installation, proprietors report an instant reduction in sunlight affecting them.  For your convenience, you can also have remote control blinds installed and this makes solar control possible at the simple touch of a button!

Aesthetics – Very few things in life are as aesthetically pleasing to the eye as that of the structure of vertical blinds.  Architecturally perfect with their strong lines, they are the chosen blinds of many interior designers throughout the world.  Other objects such as strategically placed lighting work well with their beauty and help to make your home one of artistic perfection.  It is no wonder they are such thing of beauty when you consider that blinds are thought to have been created by ancient Egyptians.

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Discretion – The one thing we all crave in our home is security.  We want to feel safe and protected in our abodes.  Vertical blinds offer you maximum security from wandering eyes trying to get a glimpse of your home.  When you are away you can simply keep your blinds drawn to prevent potential burglars from prying in through your windows.  If you want to give the illusion that you are still there you can have timed lights installed which you can set to come on and off at certain times of the evening.

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Insulation and Cost Effective

Insulation – It should come as no surprise to learn that not only do vertical blinds help to keep the light out but they also help to keep the cold icy air from getting through.  Once they are closed they act as a protective layer between the condensation on your windows and the air you breathe in your home.  Also, because they block the light from coming in they can prevent your room from uncomfortable over heating in the warmer weather.

Cost Effective – Adding value to your home is just one of the ways these blinds are a fantastic investment.  As they work towards insulating your home, you should notice having to use less electricity heating yourself or cooling yourself down.  The heating bills will be reduced and the value of your home will increase and this is exactly what we want for our homes.