Clear, silver and white diamonds have long been the standard for engagement rings throughout the Westernized world. However, recent years have seen a surge in the desire for “unique” engagement and wedding rings, which has resulted in an increasing usage of diamonds and other gems in a variety of colors. Yellow diamond engagement rings, for example, are among these. While not for everyone, yellow diamond rings can be both a beautiful and elegant choice to celebrate an engagement and pending marriage.

SI 1.68 ct Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring 14K GoldOne of the first things that many people may wonder when they consider yellow diamond engagement rings is whether or not the color is natural as opposed to artificially added (or in some cases, reflected into the diamond by its surroundings, such as the band it is set in).

Others may even wonder if yellow diamonds are even real. After all, naturally colored diamonds are often more desired and held to a higher status level (which is important for a lot of people). Nevertheless, it never ceases to surprise many that yellow is among one of the most common diamond colors found in the earth (the other most common diamond color found is brown).

2 ct Natural Fancy Yellow Diamond Fashion Engagement Ring VS Clarity Set in 18k GoldOften called canary diamonds, yellow diamonds come in a wide variety of shades. There are lighter canary diamond wedding rings, which may be such a faint yellow that at first glance they may appear white. In fact, light yellow diamonds are sometimes referred to as champagne diamonds as opposed to canary diamonds (a term that some people apply only to the darker versions). Others are quite obviously yellow, and some may be such a deep yellow that they come across as golden. Many yellow diamonds have impurities sprinkled throughout, creating a neat effect of other colors when you look really closely at them. For example, some yellow diamonds appear more orange because of reddish impurities, while other may have a slightly speckled look when viewed up close.

1.30 CT Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring 14K White Gold (Available In Sizes 5 - 10)A general rule of thumb is that the deeper the yellow the more expensive the diamond. If you can’t afford a really deep yellow but nevertheless want one, you should be aware that yellow diamonds will appear very intensified when they are set in a yellow gold band (of course, this also assumes that you are okay with this kind of metal being used in the band). Of course, if you go with a lighter yellow diamond, the entire piece will usually cost a lot less than other diamond engagement rings. Again though, it all depends on your style preferences as well as your budget.

1.25ct tw Natural Fancy Yellow Diamond Fashion Engagement Ring set in 18k GoldNatural yellow diamonds form as a result of nitrogen being inside the diamond materials as they harden together. Because of the prevalence of nitrogen in the earth, yellow diamonds are by far the most common of colored diamonds. Despite its color being found more commonly, however, yellow diamonds can nevertheless be sometimes priced higher than other diamonds. This may be because many yellow diamonds that are mined end up having too many impurities to be evenly yellow or pleasant in color, and other simply may not be high enough in quality to be used. For the most part, however, it depends on the intensity of the yellow. As mentioned above, deeper, more intense yellows are going to be more expensive. These ones actually rival clear and/or white diamonds (either on par in terms of price or in rare cases, more expensive), on account of their rarity. In fact, some yellow diamond engagement rings are considered to be nearly as rare as pink diamond engagement rings, which can be extremely hard to find. Still, yellow diamond engagement rings can be very beautiful, and some consider them to be even lovelier than clear diamonds.

0.95Ct Yellow Canary Princess Diamond Trilogy Engagement Ring 14So once you’ve made the decision to purchase a yellow diamond engagement ring, where can (or rather, should) you get one? There are of course the traditional, reliable jewelers that are known for having good selections— you won’t struggle to find a variety of yellow diamond engagement rings at Tiffany’s or Zales. However, it is a good idea to research black diamond engagement rings on ring designer websites so you can form a better picture of what you want.

Technology is also your friend when it comes to engagement or wedding ring shopping. You may just find exactly what you’re looking for online, so all you will need to do is either order it or find a location to purchase it at— although bear in mind that it is always best to view the ring up close and in person before making the final purchase. Upscale designers like Tacori have yellow diamond engagement rings (and many other types of rings) for sale in many jeweler stores, although you can view their entire selection via their online catalog. As a bonus, Tacori also allows people to virtually “try on” engagement rings through their online webcam, so if your future fiancée is up for it, you can have her sit in front of the computer and try on different rings before you head out to stores (of course, this may not be the wisest decision if you want to surprise her).

And of course, antique engagement rings should never be ruled out. Depending on the person that the ring is for, an antique yellow diamond engagement ring can be a perfect representation of a classic, sophisticated yet fun personality, and it can also show that you spent a lot of time picking it out. Nevertheless, yellow diamond engagement rings can be a bit tricky to find as far as antiques go, because yellow has not been a popular color for engagement ring stones until relatively recent times. Don’t give up just yet, though. A trend that has begun in more recent times is designing a ring in an antique style, or rather, replicating the design of an older ring. So, this means that you can have an engagement ring designed in one of these antique fashions, while substituting the stones with yellow diamonds.