Usually the forecast of snow brings groans and despair to most people. However, to me it brings real joy.  It is hard for me to pinpoint exactly why I like this weather so much but I think the attraction to this really cold weather started when I was a child.

As a young child the thought of snow was always associated with having a day off school. I always loved the idea of being able to play out in the snow instead of sitting in lessons.  But I know that my love of it is more than just this. As an adult I know that even if I can't get into the office to work I will still have to work from home, so there is no chance of a day off.

Maybe it is because I associate the snow with Christmas. The magical idea of Santa Claus coming to visit with the snow falling down all around him still makes me feel the excitment of Christmas as a child. However, I have only once ever experienced snow on Christmas day and that was just a light sprinkling when I was an adult. 

The attraction could be to do with the sound of snow. There is something strange about the way the world sounds when snow is falling. It is almost as if the silence of the snowflakes hitting the ground makes a sound that you can almost sense rather than hear. Of course I could be the only person who thinks of a sound when snow is falling.  However a sound that everyone will have heard is the satisfying crunch your feet make when they make footprints in fresh snowfall.  They is something really special about being the first person to make marks in the pristine virgin white snow after it has just fallen.  Being able to destroy this perfect world gives a real sense of satisfaction.

I'm not sure what it is about snow that I really like, it could be the sound, the look of it or the memories it conjures up for me, but whatever it is, I know that I will be looking forward to it this year just like every other one.

snow on berries
snow on a tree