As there are so many tips and tricks involved with how to write an InfoBarrel article now, I am starting to forget most of them, so before I a publish my article now I have devised my self a check list of what to do before posting the article.

The idea behind the checklist is that I am getting the most out of  of my articles, that way they are reaching their full monetized potential.

First:  The grammar and spelling

This is for obvious reasons, no one wants to read an article covered with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. They won't trust the content nor will they enjoy reading it.

Second: Is it branded?

If you check out my article here (on six reasons to brand your content) you will realise, why I do this. So I like to often change the font and layout etc. to match that of all my previous articles. For more on how to brand your content please click here.

Third: My Signature

The signature needs to be matching the content that I am actually writing about, so if my article is about spaceships, I want my signature to reflect what is in the content and be about spaceships, so I can then integrate the signaute better. Making the signature feel apart of the content rather than just looking like an extra piece of content, that will get ignored. For more on optimising your signature check out my blog post here.

Fourth: Links to other InfoBarrel Articles

I like to bring up my article on the one side (of my computer screen) and then the list of articles that I have done on InfoBarrel on the other, and where any sentence or phrase within the article relates to one of my articles, I will drop the link in. This forms part of my baclinking strategy and also hopefully gain more views through people taking a curiosity in a particular point within the article.

Fifth: Generation of new ideas from the article

If you have read my article on growing your InfoBarrel article tree which you can do by clicking here. You will find that going over your old content is a great place to strike up some new ideas to write about, I just like to have content ready to add to my article calendar.

Sixth: Images

There is quite a few checkboxes donated to this particular section (due to the excellent article of how to montetize your images by Chezfat).

First: is the image saved, key word driven in my documents and also given the same key word driven title when uploaded. 

Second: have I given the image a descritption of at least 50-75 words, with links to some of my other articles for further backlinking.

Then finally, linking the images from the article to their respective media page.

I haven't been on InfoBarrel long, so I will keep you updated with things that I have added to my list.