What Is Furcadia?

     Furcadia is a text based game with visuals. It is a hang out for furre's. It draws in all different sorts of furre's, some which are a bit more risque than others who want to further explore their fursonas. A fursona is a persona, but with fur.

     Each username is unique and comes with a default avatar and portrait of their avatar. One can choose to be a Canine, Feline, Equine, Mustline, Lapine, Bovine, Ursine or Bugge upon first joining the text based game. Although some choose to use it only as a chatroom. Furcadia has been running since December 16th, 1996 when its creators, known as Felorin and Talzhemir to Furcadians, first launched the text based game.

Furcadia Screenshot #6

Who Plays Furcadia?

     Some don't use it for play, but as an outlet to explore and enjoy their fursonas. However those who do play it are either people just looking for something new and interesting, people who like to roleplay and yes even trolls. No place is safe from trolls, but like all places on the internet, IPs and accounts can be banned from the game and website on which its download can be found. Others who play Furcadia probably are only on it, because their friends are already on it. The ages range from anywhere from eleven to over a hundred, that is if the person knows anything about computers or clients like Furcadia.

I'm Not A Furre, Why Should I Join Furcadia?

     Well, even if you're not a furre, that doesn't mean Furcadia has to be boycotted. There are Dreams inside the game that one can hop into where avatars change into something besides a furre. Maybe a toaster, maybe a wolf, lion or horse. Perhaps something else. Furcadia is what the members make of it, especially those who know how to make a Dream Map. Plus they should be somewhat adept or able to learn how to use both DragonSpeak and PhoenixSpeak. DragonSpeak and PhoenixSpeak are codes which one uses to get one event to trigger another. Some people who are really good at map making and coding it can make a little bit of money. That is, by selling the Dream Map and code that goes with it.

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What Can I Do On Furcadia?

     There is a lot you can do on Furcadia, you are after all only limited by your imagination. Like any other place in the world or on the internet, you can make new friends. Just remember not to give out any personal details like your real name, home address (not even the city you're in) or phone number. Even on Furcadia, everyone should practice safety precautions, despite how friendly the people might seem.

     One can build their own Dream and code it with DragonSpeak and PhoenixSpeak and then upload it so that others can hop into it and see it. Some people will stay, others will not.

Furcadia Screenshot #4

     You can just use Furcadia as a place to talk as yourself, or you can create a username to use as a roleplay character. When roleplaying you can pretend to be whomever and whatever you want. Although that might depend on the Dream that you're in and what the rules are. However one universal rule is not to do any form of godplay including, but not limited to powerplay or twinking.

     If you know enough about Furcadia, you can eventually volunteer to be a Helper Beekin. Beekin's can be welcomers, desk helpers and guradians who uphold the rules of Furcadia. As long as you have the time and have passed their classes. Those who become inactive will lose their Beekin status, but they can always reapply for it later with or without a different username.

What Are Dreams On Furcadia?

     Dreams are different maps one can get inside of. When on the main maps, some of them will have what look like portals. They're either green, blue, purple or red circles with white dome like pixels rising up to a point above the circle. Each of these circles takes you inside a different map, called a Dream. The reason they're called Dreams is probably because someone dreamt them up and then made their dream come true.

     Anyone can create a dream, but not all of them will be interesting to everyone. Sometimes Dreams are private and meant only for the person who created it and a few of their close online Furcadia friends. Dreams however are not easy to make, until one learns how to use DragonSpeak and PhoenixSpeak.

Furcadia Screen Shot #2

     It's important to note that whenever you enter someone elses Dream make sure to read any new text that shows up. There rules or a link to the Dreams website with the rules might be shown there. Those who don't read the rules will more than likely be ejected from the Dream, because they're not following them. How can someone follow them if they haven't read them is never a good excuse to use. Save yourself some trouble and read them. In the end you might find new friends and a fun new online hangout or text based roleplaying game to enjoy.

Does Furcadia Cost Anything?

     No, Furcadia does not cost anything. It is free to join. However not all of the avatars are free. There are several which cost money. Some can be paid for on a monthly basis, some one, two or three years. There are also avatars which are offered for Life. Other than the Life avatars, portraits and portrait spaces never expire, where as avatars (which are called digo's on Furcadia) that have a time limit on them do.

Furcadia Screenshot #5

     It's important to know that a username can and will expire if it is not used. Therefore some people may have a Life digo or a portrait just so that their username or as Furcadians call it, Alt, will not expire on them if they're unable to log on for several months or even years. Furcadia will always send a warning notice that someones Furcadia name is about to expire. If the person logs in, then their Furcadia character won't expire. However if they don't log on and it expires and they try to log into the name or recreate it, it may already belong to someone else.

How And Where Do I Join?

     In order to join Furcadia, you need to download the client window. After you've downloaded the Furcadia client, you'll need to open and run it. When you get to a screen that asks you to create a character, you can pick your avatar, if its male, female or unknown and then click next.

     After you've clicked next, you'll be asked to write a description. You can type in anything, or just press space bar once and then press enter.

     Once you've clicked next it will ask you for your email. When you've put your email in, press enter again and it will ask you for a password. After typing in a password (make sure its not one word or number and especially not the name of the character) hit enter once more. You'll then be taken to where it asks you for your characters name. As there are already 60,000 players on Furcadia you might not get the first name you want. You can always chose another or add a surname.

     Once you've got a name and you've hit enter and it went through, you'll be taken to the welcome spot. Usually you'll get a welcome from a Welcome Beekin within your first few minutes in Furcadia. Feel free to ask them any questions, or just say hello and that you're looking around. Help Beekin's also give tours (I used to be a Help Beekin years ago, but haven't had as much time for the client as I did back then.)

Furcadia Screenshot

     Now that you know more about Furcadia, how to join and what you can do, maybe you'll give it a try. Just watch out for certain older members who act elitest, especially in the roleplaying realm. Some of them seem to have a sense of entitlement and will attack your character just because you're new or have unrealistic colors.