A power pet is a virtual pet that can be found on the powerpet website. For those whom are no doubt familiar with neopets, its much like that, except these pets are based off of real life animals. Not only that, but powerpets contains a lot of information about real life pets and how to care for them.

     Therefore it is far more educational than neopets, or any other virtual pet site for that matter. So if you're looking for something that you and your kids can both enjoy and learn from online, powerpets beats all other animal sims. Especially with its plethora of information. With all the necessary information, it might even help your kid with reading too!


     No, powerpets costs nothing! You can make donations to the site so that its servers can continue to run, but its free to join and free to play. Although things do cost powerbucks, but that's the games official currency and there's many ways to obtain a bit of in-game income.
It's not just informative about pets, but also economies. Which is always good too, as it'll teach your children how to make money, how to save money as there's a bank and how to gain interest. It may not be real money, but that doesn't mean the same principles don't apply. Plus if you play and save too, you can always give your kid a nice gift of powerbucks or other things every now and then!


     There's a few things you can do with a powerpet. You can change its coat colors with certain coat paints. You can also play with your pet, if you don't they might run away. You can also feed your pet, otherwise they'll starve. The pets can also be groomed and read to.

     This is another tool to teach responsibility to the players. While the game might be intended for children, a lot of adults enjoy playing too. It's the next best thing to having a real life pet. At least for those whom have never had a pet before, it'll teach them what it takes to keep a pet happy, healthy and alive. Then, based on their results, they can decide if they're ready to graduate to a real live animal. Possibly start with something small, like a gerbil or guinea pig.


     You get some powerbucks when you join along with a few items to keep your powerpet happy and healthy. Then there's also the jobs you can do if you have a blue job card. Each level you're on with your job, you'll be given something more difficult to do, but in the end the rewards will be bigger too. Usually an awesome item plus much needed powerbucks. You can either spend your powerbucks, or put them in the bank. Every day the bank has interest waiting for you to cash out. The more you have in the bank, the more you'll get in interest.

     One other way you can get money, is to play the games and they have a lovely variety. Some games are educational, but you have to use your brain with all of them. There are math games and games of skill. Again, there's no other, or nearly no other virtual pet site that's quite as educational as powerpets.

     Sure, neopets might be a franchise with video games and other memorabilia, but the sites also riddled with ads. Plus its gotten so large that you need a newer computer with a good graphics card and RAM to even enjoy neopets. Plus, when was the last time neopets ever taught you, or your kids anything like how to take care of a Somali cat, or that you should never give a rabbit amoxicillin?


     You can visit all the areas of the powerpet world. They have a city in each of the continents, plus one in the pacific ocean. Notably, North America has the most cities on the map, but none of them get left out.

     You can visit the sheepherder in Australia's Kimberoo City to get a quest. In Africa, you can go to the city of Tanos and get a quest from Lisha in order to get some kangabucks. Kangabucks are needed in order to get some of the rarer, or more expensive items that can't be bought with powerbucks. Visit the city of Badgeria in Europe if you'd like to go dumpster diving, or guess whats in Miles Magic Box. Go to the city of Xiang Chung-Shi to see the Power Temple, or Akina's Hut for interesting information and quests. Then in Chimu, a city within South America you can try and beat Howler the Monkey at a game to get a Jungle Puzzle piece. Every different kind of completed puzzle gets you an interesting reward at the end! In the Pacific Ocean, you can find Abyss, the underwater city. In Abyss you can enter a shipwreck and find treasure. There's so much more to every city than that of course, but areas to remember!

     Oh, did I forget to mention this, you can make items for the sites shops, though they might not be chosen to be added.

     Now the best thing to do there, is writing up stories to be used by the site as new little books. These can be informative, or about the NPC's or pets on powerpets, whether or not those powerpets are yours or completely made up. It's sure to get both adults and kids, writing and reading a whole lot more than they otherwise might have been.


     Simple, you go to the powerpets website and signup. You only need to fill out the form and wait for a confirmation email. After you've confirmed via email, you can login and select one of your possible four pets.


     There really is no best breed, they're all absolutely wonderful. However it depends on your own tastes. You could choose a Leopard, Somali cat, Husky or even a wolf. There's more species and breeds to choose from of course than that. However you can only have four pets, unless you have an upgraded account, which does cost real life money. The site owners may or may not make money off of the virtual pet site, but they at least make enough to keep it running.