A waja is a cyber pet. Wajas look like wolves or breeds of dogs. There are currently fourteen different breeds to choose from, but some of them can only be specially bought. This is to keep the rarer breeds rare. Some can be gotten through the use of a special item that will change your current waja breed into a different waja breed. There are also 104 markings to choose from as well as nineteen mutations. Thus there are numerous ways to make your waja unique. However you can only have up to four markings and/or mutations on a waja depending on the waja coin purchased.

     The silver waja coin will allow you to choose up to two markings and/or mutations. The gold will allow up to three and the diamond up to four. The only ways to get markings or mutations after that is by purchasing a mutation pear, however the mutation will be random as will the color of that mutation. There is also a marking pear which can be purchased with in game currency called waja credits as can the mutation pear be purchased. The markings too, when using a marking pear will be random as will the color and transparency if any of the marking. The color choices are numerous, but it can be fun finding what colors with what markings work best.

     Before you choose what markings and mutations you'd like your waja to have, if any, you can also chose the base coat color and the eye color.

     Best of all, unlike most other cyber pets you don't need to constantly check up on your pets to make sure they're not starving, bored or sick. There are items that one can put on the wajas such as a harness, jewelry, wig, clothes or other items. You may also purchase a wallpaper that will make it look like your waja is inside of a scene.



       For people who wish to join, the site costs nothing. One can purchase or even get a free waja from kind older members. However if one wishes to customize a waja, it will cost money. Anywhere from $20.00 USD to $60.00 USD depending on what breed and how many slots for markings and mutations you want. Most think of it as a way to donate to the site so that it can continue to run. There are certain items which cannot be bought without CWP. CWP stands for crazy waja points. Each CWP costs $1.00 USD. The cheapest silver coin to customize a waja is $20.00 allowing for up to two slots for either markings or mutations.



        For one, you could breed your waja to another. Depending on both wajas LQ, which stands for liter quantity the litter may be anywhere from one to four pups being produced at a time. Four is extremely rare, three is not if both parents have an LQ of near or exactly 100. Twins may result randomly after each parent has an LQ of above 30 each, but its unlikely unless both have an LQ of 50.



       Now if you want to get some WC, which stands for waja credits, you could buy one CWP and sell it for the current going rate of 5,750,000 WC. However an easier way to get WC, is by playing the games. There are two sure winners that cost nothing, playing the fish-a-waja which you can only place once daily or the daily pear game. Again, the daily pear game is another game that can only be played once a day.



       As wajas also has a supportive community with an active forum, one can check the forum out. People will list what they're looking for or selling, but there are separate forum categories for those. One needs to make sure they're posting in the right spot. There are also kind people who do giveaways or newbie giveaways. These giveaways are usually wajas, but sometimes may be other things like WC, CWP or other items.

      In the forums there's also a roleplay sub-forum for people who want to roleplay. Most role plays revolve around the wajas which were bought and as per the waja TOS all topics and posts should be rated no higher than PG-13.

      There happens to also be a spot to sell artwork for CWP, WC or waja items that add up to the intended amount one wishes to charge. Those who are talented enough can also sell adoptables in the adoptable forum section. Although people already have wajas as cyber pets they enjoy these other adoptables as well. Again usually nothing in those sections are free.



       Joining wajas is easy, although there are times that the site owners block any new people from joining. This usually has something to do with their servers, but this rarely happens. The site is open to all who wish to join, as long as they're willing to follow the sites rules and TOS. Otherwise accounts can and will be frozen if anyone is a persistent problem. Furthermore each member is allowed to have only two accounts. Usually because people like to have a second separate account for their waja sales for better organization of their cave. Their cave is where their wajas are kept.

      In order to join, simply visit the wajas site and click sign-up. From there it should be pretty straightforward. Just fill in the registration form, hit submit and then check your email for a confirmation link. Once you have the confirmation link, click on it and you'll have your brand spanking new wajas account.



      There is no best waja breed, or rather, each person will have a different opinion. I for one live the Aerial breed the most, but they're all enjoyable. It really depends on the markings and mutations too. Some breeds can look good with certain markings while other breeds just can't pull it off. It goes the same for the colors too. The best breed, is up to your own opinion, after all it will be your waja. Although of course you can giveaway or sell your waja to someone else instead.