There are four reasons listed here why it is healthy to be without clothes, that is nude. None of these reasons are sexual in nature and do not describe any sex act. If sex is the point of reading the article then the wrong article has been chosen.

Clothes by nature are restrictive. They restrict the full range of movement, the steady and even flow of blood, and it restricts humans from getting the full health benefits provided by nature. So then what then is the purpose of clothing. Clothes were originally developed to protect man from the harsher elements of nature, that is . the weather. clothes provided warmth during cold days, keeps the cooling moisture close to the body on hot days. It protected man from the various forms of precipitation. Eventually there was a moral and legal reason for wearing clothes. Man (meaning male and female) became morally decadent and were unable to keep their sexual desires in check so clothes became a matter of law. clothes protected people from developing sexually deviant thoughts and actions (that is for the almost all people). But clothes ended up doing more than covering up one's natural beauty, it shielded man from the benefits provided by nature and as time went on, became more and more restrictive as mentioned above.

There are three main reason why man (male/female) should go with out clothes as much as possible when at home and as little clothes as the law will allow when in public. Those reasons are the sun, the wind, and the rain (water). The benefit of each will be described below in their own separate section.

The Sun has several benefits to the human body, when it is exposed to the sun. The main benefits are the greater production of Vitamin D and it greatly improves one's mental disposition. Although the improvement of one's mental disposition is gained through sight (seeing sunlight), the greater exposure of the body to the sun the better it is for the production of Vitamin D. The sun also helps the bodily processes run smoothly. But, those many warnings about the damaging effects of the sun are true. So therefore exposure to the sun should be done in moderation and in moderation it is meant 10-15 minutes. Anytime beyond that protect should be afforded. The best protection should be light loose fitting clothing.

The Wind (air) is as important externally as it is internally. That is to say, the skin needs to breathe also. Many people come home from being out and take off their shoes and socks. This effectively allows the feet to breathe. But the rest of the body needs to breath also.  Being naked in the house (out of public view) as much as possible and feasible is a good thing. It allows the skin to also breathe and air out.

The Rain (water) is also good for the skin and muscles. Water keeps the body cool on those hot days. Water is also the best moisturizer around. Have said that, it is suggested that soak in the bath tub, whirlpool, or jacuzzi at least once or twice a week. Also after bathing/showering allow your body to air dry. That water will be absorbed into the skin just like when you are soaking. You should still towel dry certain areas of the body, namely, under the arms, the crotch area, between the toes, and for women underneath the breast.

These are three of the main reasons to be without clothing when it is possible. But, remember there are laws as to how much clothing you can actually peel off.