Double air mattresses are useful air beds that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Most normal air beds are known for being uncomfortable and unable to handle anyone who weighs over 250 pounds. A good double air bed will not only hold up to 500 pounds, but it is for more comfortable than a regular mattress, air or normal. Many larger guys even claim this is the most comfortable sleep they can have. While a plug in or battery powered pump is necessary to fill these up, for many larger individuals or hunters with bad backs, it's worth the investment.

There are many uses for these types of beds. A good double air mattress can be used as a guest bed for one person, or even for a couple as long as they are in relatively good shape. In addition to this, there are very sturdy designs that are often found in sports good stores and can be used on extensive hunting or camping trips. The Coleman double high flocked air queen bed is an example of one of the designs of double high air beds that can be used inside of tents to provide a much better and more supportive rest than the regular types.

Hunters who are older or have bad backs are definitely going to appreciate being off the ground, and having solid yet comfortable support for their limbs. This is especially true for places like Alaska where hunts can mean going down river into the woods for days at a time when hunting moose or bear.

On the other hand if you have a house guest, they are also going to appreciate having a very comfortable and sturdy bedding that makes them feel like an honored guest. The Coleman queen sized double air beds are much better options than an old couch, no matter how you cut it.

There are many different types of air beds out there, but hopefully after reading this article you'll be convinced that the next time you consider buying an air mattress, pay the little extra to get the double air mattresses. They're more durable, more comfortable, and can serve a variety of functions for men or women of all weights and sizes.