When it comes to push button locks there are two basic types, the electronic push button lock and the mechanical push button lock. Of the two types, the mechanical type is much simpler to both install and operate, with fewer working mechanisms inside. Usually when installing a push button lock on a home exterior door a simple electronic type of lock is installed as it gives greater flexibility for programming and many are made to fit right in with today's style of lock.

You can find simple electronic locks for the home that are basically ready to install right out of the packet. While there is a little bit of work to do to get it properly installed on your door, you should be able to get it up in around half an hour providing you have a few basic tools and some knowledge on how to do it.

Schlage produces a large range of electronic push button locks specifically made for home use. They are pre-programmed with two pin codes and you are, of course, able to add more; oftentimes up to 15 or 20 additional codes that can all be in use at the same time. Simplex push button locks offer similar options. The great thing about being able to individualize the codes is that you can give each member of your family a code that is easy for them to remember, thus decreasing the likelihood of their forgetting what to punch in, in order to get into the house. You can also assign temporary codes to visiting guests, which can then be erased once the visit is over without needing to make extra keys to give to your visitors. This ease of use makes this type of lock a very popular style for securing homes.

Of course, if you are planning on using a push button lock to secure your external doors you should look for one that incorporates a dead bolt lock as these are by far the most secure and the most difficult for anyone to break into. For inner doors such as a door leading to the garage or the basement, you can always buy a simpler and cheaper lock as the need for optimum security is not as great with these doors.

Push button door locks are great for home owners. They take away all of the worry and concern about what happens if your key gets into the wrong hands. You no longer need to leave a key hidden under a flowerpot so that people can get in when you are on vacation to water the plants-you can simply set them up with a pin code. You also do not have to replace locks every time a key goes missing either. The locks are also secure and strong and a great preventative against burglars.