It seems like suede has become a really popular purchase among people of all ages! There was a point in time in which suede casual dress shoes were only being purchased by older men and women; this was mainly because their designs were geared towards those types of people. However, our society and the shoe manufacturers have progressed towards accepting the way that most casual dress shoes look on absolutely everybody, regardless of their age.

This article lists and describes two of the best pairs of suede dress shoes that are available on the market, as well as some of the benefits and downfalls of choosing these types of shoes. I am not saying that you must choose the specific pairs of casual dress shoes that are described throughout this article; however, I am saying that you should ensure that the pairs that you choose have many of the same features and selling points as these! There are quite a few things that you should keep in mind when you are choosing casual dress shoes; the material that is used is one of the main aspects!

Steve Madden Klifden Oxford

I would definitely deem these as being the best suede casual dress shoes for an older man! I think it is a mixture between the color and awesome material finish that makes me imagine these dress shoes on an older man. In addition, you know that you are getting a great quality product when you choose one that has been produced by Steve Madden.

Another selling point that I would boast about with these shoes is the fact that they are being sold for under $100. Most people know that suede is at par with leather when it comes to the materials that are used to make casual dress shoes; it is relatively hard to find a decent pair of shoes for under $100, let alone a pair of shoes that are made out of suede for under $100!

I would jump on the purchase of these Steve Madden Klifdens if they fit in your budget, and suit your look. I believe that these casual dress shoes look much better when worn with jeans than when worn with a pair of dress pants; however, they will look good either way.

Suede Ruins Rather Easily When Coming Into Contact With Water

I hate owning a pair of dress shoes that I must be extra careful with; however, this is sort of the trade-off that comes with owning a pair of suede casual dress shoes. The unique thing about suede shoes is that you must not be careful in regards to them brushing up against the leg of a chair, but you must be extremely careful with them coming into contact with water; there are some products that you can use to waterproof your casual dress shoes to really help hinder the negative effects of the water.

This means that you should always check the weather forecast before you leave your house with a pair of casual dress shoes on your feet! A few drops of water will not absolutely ruin the suede material; however, enough contact with water will definitely affect the overall look of the shoes!

Bruno Magli Gisella Dress Shoe

The price tag on this Bruno Magli pair of shoes might shock you at first glance; however, you must be aware that all of the Bruno Magli shoes that are sold online have passed quality standards that can simply not be met by any other manufacturer. The fact that the main material that is used on the casual dress shoes was suede definitely drove the price up by a substantial amount.

I would recommend this Gisella pair of shoes to any woman that would like to get a few inches of a height boost. In addition, the flat black finish, along with the bow at the front of the shoes, makes them look ridiculously cute!

Suede Casual Dress Shoes Possess A Color And Look That Cannot Be Accomplished With Any Other Material

Have you ever seen an authentic leather jacket and a faux leather jacket beside each other? If you have, you would have quickly been able to notice the difference in the overall look between the two jackets. Just like leather, suede material has a distinctive look that can only be attempted by other materials; true enthusiasts will quickly be able to tell the difference between the real and faux suede.

To sum it up, suede casual dress shoes have a look that cannot be accomplished by pairs that are made by other materials such as shoes that are made from leather, and shoes that are made from rubber.  In addition, buying a pair of dress shoes that are made from suede will put you in the top percentile in regards to the quality of shoes that the people around you are wearing.