For growing businesses, round-the-clock customer service can be difficult to provide, especially when staffing is low and the customer base is varied geographically. Using an answering service to provide virtual receptionist services may be a solution, enabling you to offer your customers 24/7 access to a qualified representative who can route calls, answer questions and take messages when your local staff is unavailable. Hiring a virtual receptionist means that you can find someone to handle calls from any time zone, making it possible to take care of customers from across the country without any hassle resulting from time differences.

A live answering service will often provide you with representatives that are trained in customer service skills, ensuring that your customers receive the same quality service that they would receive from locally sourced employees. You can provide information about your product or brand to ensure that your answering representatives will be able to educate customers on aspects of the product that they have questions about, and in the case where a customer needs to speak with someone who has on-the-spot expertise, representatives have the ability to route calls, take messages and schedule appointments. Most professionals who work as virtual receptionists have multiple valuable skills that enable them to be versatile in the workplace, making them even more valuable to the average business.

The ability to provide service at any time of day is particularly important to retail companies that take order by phone. This way, customers who want to order a product 24/7 can do so at their convenience, rather than waiting for specific business hours. Convenience is a big factor contributing to whether many customers ultimately become first-time customers, and having all-day customer service can be a significant contributor to this. Many working people are unable to be available during standard business hours because of work commitments, making it even better to have operating hours for customer service outside of the standard 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Businesses with special needs can also hire virtual receptionists with specialized skills, such as clinics and hospitals that may have the need for medical answering services. Most healthcare-related businesses that deal with the medical needs of a customer base require very specific skills that the average receptionist doesn’t have. This may include extensive knowledge of medical terminology and the ability to make quick decisions regarding medical emergencies that may require call routing to a doctor or a specialist. A 24/7 call center can provide access to customer service representatives of this type and more, offering specialized assistance that will contribute to the business’s reputation for excellent customer service. No matter what type of business you run, as long as you have a customer base that needs assistance via the phone, you can guarantee that the services of a virtual receptionist can benefit you in some way.