There are 100 reasons that you should choose an electronic drum set over an acoustic one; however, I am not here to bore you with a tedious list. Instead, I am here to show you the top 4 reasons that you should consider buying an electronic set in the near future!

I’ll be honest with you, none of these reasons have anything to do with price. I avoided it because electronic and acoustic drum sets vary in price to an EXTREME! You can get either set for anywhere from $400 to well over $15000!

So, without further ado....I present to you the 4 benefits of choosing an electronic drum set!

You Won’t Be Caught Tuning Your Drum Heads

Most drummers know how annoying the tuning of drum heads can be. Whether you’re looking to get a better bass drum sound or simply tune your snare drum to can be very tedious, frustrating, and annoying.

To top it off, an ideal drumming sound can only be achieved if you tune your drum heads once every few days! When you work out how much time that it takes to tune them, and multiply it by the number of times that you have to do it every year, you get an astonishing number of hours that were wasted!

You will never have to tune your drums again if you go with the electronic option!

Every electronic drum set comes with a main controller that will allow you to fine tune the sound that the drum pads produce. However, the amazing thing about them is that they stay tuned! The pins and rods don’t loosen like on an acoustic drum set...each of the electronic drums simply stays in tune!

Electronic Drum Sets Have A Direct Input To Your Computer And Amplifier-No Need For Drum Mics

I have literally spent hours moving and angling my drum microphones in order to get them to produce the best sound. However, an electronic drum set can be directly connected to your computer and amplifier.

This means that the “perfect” sound of the electronic drums will be directly transferred to your speaker or midi input!

Whether you’re playing at a rock concert or simply making a drum cover on your computer, electronic percussion is the way to go! No more fooling around with drum microphones...simply connect the main controller and you will have the best sound possible!

You Won’t Be Breaking Any Drum Sticks On Electronic Drum Pads

Although there is an inexpensive way to fix cracked drum sticks, you don’t want to go through the hassle of having to use duct tape on your sticks after every time that you play!

The simple matter of fact is that the rims of a drum dent wooden drum sticks, and those dents eventually lead to them cracking. A good pair of wooden drum sticks will cost you upwards of $12, so these cracks can end up emptying your wallet!

However, one of the benefits of electronic drums is that they are rimless! This means that your drum sticks are MUCH LESS likely to crack. I am not saying that it is impossible to crack wooden drum sticks on electronic drum pads...I am simply saying that it is highly unlikely.

Get your hands on a rimless electronic drum set and you will not be cracking your drum sticks anymore!

You Can Change The Sounds Of Electronic Drums With The Push Of A Button

Most percussionists will stick to a single style of drumming; however, some like to change it up from time to time. I have a friend that enjoys drumming to hard rock at home, but also plays in a jazz band on the weekends. As many experienced drummers know, rock and jazz require the drums to sound very different!

My friend had to spend well over 1 hour each week changing the tuning of his drums from rock to jazz, and vice versa! However, all of his troubled ended when he bought electronic drums.

He simply created a “preset” for jazz tuning and rock tuning, and was able to switch between the two with the simple push of a button!

I am not saying that these are the only benefits of buying an electronic drum set; however, I am saying that you should consider these factors. If you think that you would benefit from even two of these features, I would definitely recommend heading over to Amazon to check out their selection of electronic drums. You are bound to find something for a few hundred dollars, and that’s money well spent if it helps you in a few ways!