Lots of celebrities are using hair extensions to give them a whole new look. One example is the celebutante Paris Hilton. She is always changing her hairstyles depending on what function she is attending. One day she will sport a funky short hairdo and if you is wearing formal attire, she likes to go with the very feminine princess look that she can get from having long tresses with the help of different types of hair pieces.

If you want to change up your look really quickly you could also do something with your hair. Many people choose to use temporary clip on hairpieces. These are also known as clip on hair extensions.

How Are Clip On Hairpieces Made?

Strands of hair are collected together on a piece of gauze, which is normally used to make wigs and toupees. The hair can be different lengths and it can be curly or straight. A hair clip is then glued or sewn into place. This collection of hair can be clipped into position on your head and the result will be long flowing locks.

What Type Of Hair Is Used To Make Clip On Hair Extensions?

There is a choice between the types of hair you can use. You can buy human hair extensions or synthetic hairpieces. The main difference will be the price range, the texture and the overall functionality and flexibility of the hair.

Human hair extensions will cost a lot more because it is more expensive to produce. Real hair has to be collected and processed so that it can be resold without any lasting remnants of the previous owner. Strange but true. A lot of people haven't really grasped the concept that human hair extensions actually do come from the head of other people. The most popular hair is usually sourced from India and the Eastern European countries.

The alternative is synthetic hair extensions. These synthetic hairpieces are chemically produced products. These are much cheaper but they do have their limitations. You can not use hairstyling appliances on synthetic hair because they will simply end up getting melted. However the human hair alternative can be treated exactly as you would your own hair.

If you want to try out new hairstyles to see if long hair would suit you or if curly hair is the way to go, it is a really good idea to try clip on hairpieces. It can be a really cost effective way to experiment with your appearance and to just have fun with your look. Once you feel confident and want to have hair extensions that will last up to three months you could then progress to getting fusion hair extensions applied.