If you are looking to have your website attract more traffic, then directory submission is something you should definitely look into. With the ability to be listed fairly highly on well-known websites, which then leads to higher page rankings in search engines such as Google, directory submissions is a sure fire way to increase visitors to your website.

What is directory submission?

Simply put, directory submission means adding your business or website to a form of reference listing. A web directory, such as the Aviva Directory, is a list of web based businesses where they are usually categorised by like for like services or products provided. The directory also contains a direct link to the websites listed meaning that there is no need to return to a search engine to find the URL.

This means you can add your website into a certain category, one that relates to your business, meaning several things. Firstly, that people individually browsing the directory can find your website far more easily, and secondly that search engines will be able to find your site far more easily too.

With increased traffic and search engine optimisation, this can lead to your site garnering far more unique hits, and letting your site be higher up on search engine results. After all, if you can be on the first page of search engine results, it is far more likely that potential clients and customers will visit your site. A directory works as equally well for e-commerce sites as they do for blog sites.

The help it brings

Through using sites like the Aviva Blog Directory, you can massively increase the number of visitors to your blog. This has a form of snowball effect – the more visitors you get, the higher up on certain search engines and directories you will be, and thus the more visitors you obtain.

The power of word of mouth is also something you should not ignore. Many sites have become well-known simply through the fact that if every visitor tells one person about your site, you will get an exponential increase in the number of visitors to your URL.

Using directories can also be beneficial as there are many people who simply prefer manually browsing indexed pages rather than relying on search engine results. The directories are clearly laid out into certain sections and sub-sections, meaning any directory can truly narrow down what the customer wants, meaning when they find your website they are far more likely to want the service you offer.

Things to remember

Whilst directory submission can help garner you immediate flow of traffic, the rest is still up to you. Use the extra awareness you gain from directory submission to your advantage – spruce up your site as much as you can, and offer the best customer service possible. This will mean that, having found your website, any customer is far more likely to use it again.

After all, even if the directory can bring you a huge amount of traffic, it is up to you to keep the customers coming back. However this is fairly easy. So long as you can index your site well on any directory, and make it clear what the service is, potential customers should be more than willing to use your site again and again.

The first thing is to know what category and subcategory fits your site best. This can help the directory index you better, which in turn helps you to gain more clients. If you can do this well, then when a user clicks on your link then they will know exactly what to expect, and when you deliver the service well, they will be far more likely to recommend you to others. 

There is also benefit to choosing a directory where the classification and editing is undertaken by humans rather than by a computer decision base, such as the Aviva Directory.

So, as long as you follow these simple steps, directory submission can work wonders for you, bringing more and more traffic in a matter of days, solely through proper indexing of your website.