Dogs are man's best friend, but keeping a dog within your property is an owner's nightmare. Dogs are "free spirited" creatures. They love to run around and chase after cars, deer, balls, cats etc. right out of the yard. They need exercise and space. Dogs enjoy the freedom of roaming around the yard. As a concerned dog owner we want to provide protection and restrain our dog so that it will not incur harm to itself and to others. We want our dogs to be safe from cars passing in the streets. We don't want that conflicts would arise among us and our neighbors because we can't keep our dog from wandering to our neighbor's yard. Even at home, we don't want our dogs to be digging into our flower beds or diving into our pool. But, even the most well trained dogs need space and exercise to do their own thing unencumbered.
Everyone deserves a space that is safe to play, run free and exercise. Putting a dog on a leash limits their movement to a very short area. It forfeits their freedom to run, exercise and have fun. Leashed dogs become bored. They become hyper and destructive. Without exercise, leashed dogs, become obese and out of shape leaving them prone to diseases. To some owners, walking a dog around the neighborhood is enough exercise but life would be boring for someone who spends his or her entire life walking beside someone without ever going to go somewhere that you want to be.
Some dog owners put up fences to give their pets space to roam free and play around. Fences on the other hand, are expensive and eat up a portion of your property. It is not a full proof solution of keeping a dog within it. To many dogs, they consider themselves to be escape artists. They jump over fences. To dogs, jumping fences is a self rewarding behavior. The behavior is being strengthened and reinforced each time your dog jumps the fence which would likely to occur again.
Having a pet fence system like the petsafe wireless pet containment system for example creates an invisible boundary that your dog will learn not to pass. It is safe and more humane than a leash by customizing your dog not to go beyond boundaries. Pet containment systems is an effective way to contain your pets and it is easy to install. Some models can have a radius of 180 feet which is a big playing ground for your pet, there are even some dog fences that are portable and can be installed anywhere.