What Is Meditation

 If you're confused about meditating or do not know how to meditate, I will explain it in this article. Meditation is a process of the mind in which you do not think about anything, and clear your mind. You start by taking a seat somewhere, turn the lights off, and sit crisscross. Close your eyes, and then start clearing your mind while breathing really slowly. This is very important because you must learn how to control your breath.

 Meditation is a great thing, and its practiced by lots of different religions. You have to really try, and clear out your mind: this could be hard. I've seen many people who quit at this point saying they can not concentrate. It is hard, but with practice, you'll get better if you keep doing this: your mind will slowly get used to it. Once your mind becomes used to it, you'll be able to meditate well.

 When you start seeing darkness, then your on the right track. Try hard not to break this concentration because it will keep going and going. If you keep your concentration right and don't think of anything, you'll start to experience astral projection. Astral projections explained thoroughly in a different article that I have.

 Rarely, people go beyond astral projection, but this is quite hard to do. The main thing you need is will that is the key to go beyond. Beyond is going to the heavens for visits since you're in the astral body; you can do this, but it'll take lots of practice and will power. Beyond is also usually seeing God himself, but little to no people today know that or have gone that far. This is a great gift for those who have practiced meditation and wanted this.

Cosmic Energy Explained

 Cosmic energy is like a shower of energy that we all get. We all receive cosmic energy, but our thoughts block it from ever reaching our body. It's not hard to have cosmic energy reach your body. The key is to meditate well, totally clear out your thoughts and be concentrated, then it can get to your body or else it will just keep hitting your thoughts and bouncing off. Most people don't even know about this, but it's better to know because it's a really interesting thing once you get into it.

 Cosmic energy is not visible even while meditating you cannot see it come, but you can definitely feel it. When it's really quiet and your concentrated, you're going to feel a little dizzy and some places might start to itch. DO NOT TAKE MEDICINE if your starting to feel really itchy or something feels funny: usually cosmic energy is clearing something like a disease from that area. Don't take medicine because some medicines might have a side-effect if there's nothing there. 

Cosmic Energy Image


Benefits Of Meditation

 Meditation has many benefits for your body as well as your mind. Let me explain. Your body doesn't get enough cosmic energy due to all the thought in your mind. Your mind has lots of thoughts that don't allow cosmic energy to get through to your body: it's like an umbrella that blocks rain. When people don't get cosmic energy, their body starts developing diseases. Then, they go to doctors: some diseases develop that cannot be cured. These diseases all developed when your body doesn't get cosmic energy.

 When these diseases develop, nothing can really make them go away since the thoughts block all the cosmic energy from entering the body. The diseases soon spread and more come to take unoccupied areas; that's why we get diseases due to lack of cosmic energy. When you meditate, the thoughts start to go away since your clearing them out, and the cosmic energy starts coming inside your body. Cosmic energy begins to clear up any type of disease. They will not come back because the disease is destroyed from the root unless you catch it again.

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