With the days getting hotter, many homes and business environments switch to air conditioning to keep inside temperatures comfortable. There are different types of air conditioners including central, window and portable units. Regardless of the type of environment, portable air conditioning rental is probably the best option due to a number of benefits portable units have.

Compact. Standalone air conditioning units are suitable for spaces of any size. They can easily fit into rooms with little free space, unlike other types of conditioners which takes a lot of space when installed. Portable air conditioners require just about 12-18 inches of space. Storage is also not a problem for portable air conditioners, due to its compact size; anyone can easily find a suitable space from which it can be stored for future use.

Easy to install. With portable air conditioners, no complicated installation is required. Users only need a plug that can be moved around together with the unit. So what you simply need to do is to use a power supply plug it into the socket and make sure it can be moved around together with the unit. Some units run on battery power, which makes them perfect for spaces without power sources.

Easy to move around. You can move the unit to any room where it’s most needed and reinstall at any time. Moving the unit around is very easy due to the wheels and rolling casters attached to it.

Cost-efficient. As they don’t require installation, you can forget about installation fees which normally include labour fees and setup time. If you hire a unit, you pay for the time you’re actually using it switching to heating solutions in winter. Because it is compact and it is easy to move around, you can just buy one unit and place it in areas where it is needed the most. There is no need to buy another air conditioning unit and pay for another instalment. Just plug the unit as necessary, remove it, store it and pay only for the time it was used.

Good for health. Some portable air conditioners feature special air filters designed to remove allergens from the air, which is especially beneficial for people with respiratory issues. Certain models of air conditioners feature dehumidifiers which are perfect for locations with high humidity levels. The moisture removed from the air is collected into a special condensation tank, which is very convenient. The unit is also considered safer than installed air conditioning systems as it can effectively filter the air potentially preventing the spread of infectious diseases.

Simple in use. Most portable air conditioners are very simple in use, which makes them great for families with children. Some models have automatic restart functionality providing air conditioning even if power failure happens.

Portable air conditioning units are perfect for a wide range of applications including homes, offices, classrooms, workshops, retail spaces, server rooms, temporary buildings, etc. Easy to use and move around, these devices deliver cooling to places where it’s most needed, at reasonable costs.