Pack on the protein

When people begin to workout and build muscle the most important thing we hear is having adequate protein intake to recover our muscles and stop the breakdown process. Protein StrandCredit: morguefile.comProtein is the building block of all muscle and provides much needed tissue repair amino acids to help recover any tears in the muscles we inflict after a good workout. It is also key in providing energy and giving our bodies support in recovering skin and hair. All of these things make protein key in our workout and recovery process. Shakes have come around as a low calorie supplement to get adequate protein intake without having to prepare a big meal or pile on calories we don't want. Let's find out more about why protein shakes are so beneficial to us.

Getting a lot of what you need

When you cook yourself a nice big meal packed with protein you are getting a lot more with it such as fat, carbs, and most of all calories. If you are trying to watch your caloric intake and your macros (protein / fat / carb ratio) then it's important to keep note of these things when cooking. The benefit of shakes is that it offers a huge boost in protein without having to include with it all the other stuff we don't want, or at least not right then after a workout. My shake for 1 scoop consists of a total of 100 calories and a tiny bit of sugar, while the protein is at a whopping 29g. This means that after a good workout and I'm not quite in the mood to load up on calories yet I can take down a shake to help in the muscle rebuilding process and get them already going on the fast track to recovery. It's wonderful to know how easy it is to get adequate protein intake without having to load up on calories and that is the primary benefit of  shakes.


When you are looking to get protein fast this is the most practical and efficient way of getting an adequate intake. You don't have to spend a bunch of time preparing a meal and taking time out of your day to get what your body needs to recover. A shake is a quick, efficient, and effective way to get what your body needs quickly after a workout so the recovery process can begin while you are getting dinner or lunch ready. It's just the most efficient way to get what we need.

Absorption rate

There are various types of shakes you can have. Some products use whey protein where it absorbs very quickly into your body while whey isolate takes a little longer and yet there are others likeshakeCredit: potassium caseinate that absorb very slowly. Which type you want is up to you, but most people who workout like whey because it absorbs fast and is good right after a workout. I personally take a protein supplements that has a combination of 5 different forms of protein that release at different times which to me is superior to one single type of protein. This way there is the immediate benefit of whey protein and yet 5 hours later the potassium caseinate is releasing into my bloodstream providing hours of protein release to heal the muscle. Finding the right product for you is important because everyone is different, but I believe that you can't really go wrong because all protein powder are great and will really aid you in your workout

Price per gram of protein

The price per gram of protein you get in powder and shakes is incredible because getting protein from food sources is always more expensive. My 3 lb container of High 5 powder gives me a tremendous amount of protein per dollar spent, I would venture that it's about .80 cents per scoop of powder per shake which is much more cost effective for quick protein intake to help in the muscle rebuilding process and giving you that quick boost to help start the process. It's very important that you don't just use supplements for your protein needs though, you can't completely give up food as a source because there are other valuable nutrients that supplements and powder don't have.

Go for it

Whatever you choose to go with, know that the benefits of having a shake after your hard workout will boost your energy, recovery rate, and muscle building process. You don't want to overload on these things but having a shake or two a day when working out hard will really benefit you heavily in the long run. The benefits far outweigh any problems such as cost or practicality, because it's so efficient and effective at doing what's it's created to do. Keep up your energy and recovery with a shake and you will find that your body will be fueled and more efficient than ever before. Find out more about protein shakes and how they can benefit you today. Your muscles and body in general will be glad you did.