It seems that more and more frequently products are no longer built to last.  Many companies deliberately design their products to wear down or break after a few years so that individuals must purchase another one.  While this is especially apparent in technology, where companies constantly want individuals to upgrade to the newest model, it is also very common in furniture.  Nowadays much furniture comes in a box, with cheap parts that frequently break during installation or shortly thereafter.  Also, these products are frequently built with particleboard, which is made from wood chips as opposed to being solid wood.

High quality furniture is never made from particleboard.  It is carved from solid wood, which provides superior structural integrity and longevity.  Of course, such furniture comes at a higher price, but that does not mean they aren’t a better value.  Such pieces of furniture can be handed down from generation to generation, while lower quality pieces often needed to be replaced within a few years.  This fact alone makes high quality furniture worth the investment, as the lifetime of use will easily make up for the difference in cost.  Additionally there is a distinct visual difference between solid wood furniture and those of lower qualities.  When put side by side, lower quality furniture instantly looks cheap, and the imperfections of the flimsy parts holding it together are clear.

It can be difficult for individuals to know if they are truly purchasing high quality furniture, as price is rarely a true indication.  A good place to start is with quality Amish furniture.  By purchasing Amish furniture, individuals can guarantee that every item they order is handcrafted from solid wood.  Amish wood furniture is made by craftsmen who are trained in the same traditions and methods that have been used by the Amish for decades.  These methods stem from a time when individuals frequently had to chop down their own trees, and anything that wasn’t built to last was a waste of wood.  Such furniture is incredibly eco-friendly, as there are no large factories churning out pulp, or polluting the air.  The Amish build their furniture from local or regional woods from sustainably managed forests.  It is also a wide known fact that the Amish do not use electricity, which leads to their minimal energy consumption.

On top of this, the Amish are a people unique to America, so every single Amish desk, bookcase, or bench is guaranteed to be built in the USA.  Not only does this give consumer the confidence of knowing their products are built honestly, and, since the Amish only make local purchases, that money gets passed into the hands of American tradesman and businesses, which helps greatly in these tough economic times.

There are many other craftsman and furniture makers throughout the country that also produce high quality furniture.  Many of these individuals can also craft custom furniture that can serve as the perfect item to pull any room together.  High quality furniture allows pieces to achieve their full use, as many lower quality bookshelves bow and break from the weight of too many books, or chests bust open when filled completely.  High quality furniture allows individuals to purchase with confidence, knowing that they are buying something built to last.