What are the best benefits of tithing?

If you  look at the wealthiest men and women in the world, you will quickly find out that many of them have one important thing in common. They tithe. Often, long before they made their millions or billions, they humbly tithed what they could(maybe 10% of their income, maybe 1%!). In this article, you'll discover the magic of tithing.

I'm sure you've heard of tithing before - maybe in a religious context - but that is not the aim of this article. In this article, I am more focused on the benefits of tithing in terms of the social good it can create and the joy it can give you and the fact that those that give get the most back. You can almost think of this as an investment. Skeptical? Maybe you should give it a test drive and see what happens.

My suggestion in this article is for you to consider starting to give away a small percentage of your income to a charity you love. This percentage can be as small as 1% or as large as 10% of your income! This will help make the world a better place. It will make you feel like a billionaire. Finally, the more you give, the more abundant you feel and the more money you end up attracting into your life as a result!

When choosing a charity, make sure you do your research... You should choose a charity that uses at least 75% of donations on their programs itself and not on administrative costs... Also, make sure you take advantage of the tax benefits of giving to charity.

I was inspired to write this article about the benefits of tithing after reading a whole chapter about Tithing in David Bach's book called The Automatic Millionaire. So, I'm giving credit where credit is due. It's a great book and it will help you reach your financial goals. My advice to you is to read tons of these books - all with different points of view - on how to bring wealth into your life. Simply reading books about how to get rich will help you a lot financially.

Mr. David Bach, if you're reading this, I hope you won't mind that I am going to quote a passage from your book about Tithing:

"A great example of this(tithing) is Sir John Templeton. Arguably one of the world's greatest investors and a billionaire many times over, Templeton is recognized today as much for his philanthropic deeds as for his investment savvy. But Sir John didn't wait until he became rich to start tithing. He was a giver from the beginning - even when he could barely afford to pay his rent.

Back in the days when Templeton and his wife were earning only 50$ a week, they Paid Themselves First 50% of their income-and yet they still managed to tithe. And he became a billionaire."

Thank you for reading. I hope this article inspires you to consider tithing. My suggestion is for you to just do it! See if you like it!

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