If it could be said that the industry of hair products could have a Holy Grail, it would have to be anything made from virgin hair. The quality of this material is so fine and desired that it simply beats out any other material. Even natural human hair material cannot come close to the quality of virgin, simply because of the way the material is used during creation. Too harsh a treatment to create anything will ruin the material you use, a simple fact of manufacturing and processing.

What Makes Virgin Hair So Rare?

The majority of human hair collected to create extensions and other products is primarily donated. Even though it might be representative of the region of the world it came from, its texture might be difficult to match for a majority of users. The texture of this material greatly differs from that of virgin hair because of any chemicals that may have been used to treat it before being donated. Virgin hair is called as such because it has never seen any chemical treatments at all, and retains all of its natural oils.

The rarity of virgin hair is also because it is not easy to find hair in any part of the world that has not been treated in some fashion. Collecting it is also difficult, because the countries, nationalities or religions that frown on treating hair unnaturally will also frown on donating that hair to others. . Finding a source of it is rare, and this will also make it more expensive to purchase than others. Creating extensions is all done by hand, so that none of it is damaged during processing into hair products.

Untouched By Chemicals

Having virgin hair at their disposal is a stylist’s dream. Without ever having been given any chemicals for treatment, coloring or even detangling, this hair is as natural as can be, and capable of doing so much more for a client’s look than any other material. Stylists like using these because it is far easier to dye the color of an extension to exactly match the shade of their natural hair, opening up a world of possibilities for a complete hair makeover.

Clients love using virgin hair because it is such a close match to their own natural hair that no one can tell that it is not. It retains its natural softness and shine because it still has a lot of the natural oils it came with. They tangle less when worn, meaning that they will be damaged less during combing, and will last longer as an extension in hairstyles. They also take styling much easier than other materials, and retain that style for far longer.