Helping the elderly

Helping older people

We have an ability as a younger generation to really sow into others’ lives and bless them with assistance, encouragement, and being a friend. The elderly are a fantastic group of people to help and care for because a lot of them are lonely and feeling down from life's circumstances. Due to the fact that they are a prime demographic to help we have an ability to assist them and better ourselves by using our gifts and talents to apply in someone else’s life.

Give assistance

Many elderly people are unable to get around and do things like they used to so they frequently rely on the help of others to conduct their daily lives. We as a younger generation can assist the elderly with improvement projects, cleaning, painting, building, helping them get around, and so much more. They need our help in a lot of different areas and knowing that your time invested into their lives can change a multitude of negative circumstances in their lives. If something needed to be repaired, invest a Saturday morning and go over and fix it. If they are having issues with their television or phone, go over one evening and show them how it works. There is a multitude of examples so I won't bother listing everything, but it's sufficient to say that the elderly need help and you assist them will greatly benefit yourself as well.

Give encouragement

One big problem with the elderly is depression and loneliness. Many older men and women are lonely because their friends and spouses die and are left with nothing. Being an encourager and a friend to them makes a huge difference because tOld manhey usually suffer from severe depression in most cases. There are some elderly people that are ok as they grow older because they still have a lot of interests and things they want to do, but most elderly people I see are trying to put on a good face but are lonely and sad. Be an encouragement to them by coming over and playing cards, maybe watch a movie, or spend some time to talk to them. I find that so many older men and women have amazing stories to tell because they've been around for a while, and it can be a great learning experience for you and give them a chance to talk. Sometimes you don't even have to say anything, just being a good listener while they talk on and on about the good old days will be enough to cheer them up because they know someone cares. Showing compassion on them by having a big interest in their stories really brightens their days and can help you grow in your listening skills while they feel better getting to talk to someone.

Give hope

While this article may lean towards helping elderly people that are lonely or unable to do anything, there are plenty of elderly people that have energy and want to get out and do things. Being there with them to take a walk, play a sport, or have fun with games is a wonderful way to build social skills for yourself while giving them a great time. Bingo is a very popular game older people enjoy, so gathering up a bunch of them together and playing Bingo for an hour would be fun and entertaining for them and you as well. If they like to experience the outdoors take them for a walk and talk with them. Maybe they have a favorite song they like to sing or play the guitar, so join them in that adventure and encourage their enthusiasm by tagging along for the journey. They will be glad you did because you show that you care and it makes you feel good knowing that you took the time to invest in someone else’s life.

Put things into perspective

Something that many people know but don't actually consider it is that the elderly people you encounter were once young and energetic like yourself, so someday we will be old and it will feel good to know that future generations will follow suit and care for you when you have tons of stories to tell. We all grow older so now is the time to invest in others and show love towards them so it can better prepare yourself for the future. If you had a younger person come up to you and spend time with you then I'm sure it would be much appreciate in your book just like theirs today.

Enjoy yourself

One older lady I spent some time with one day at a nursing home was very frail and liked to just sit around, so we didn't get up and do anything but instead we just sat around and talked. I was totally into everything she said because the life she lived was so interesting! I find that the elderly people of today lived awesome lives because there wasn't all this technology we have today so they were out and exploring the world instead of sitting around doing nothing. She had traveled to so many countries and met so many people; she even knew multiple languages and shared in many cultures. She was so interesting to get to know and I truly was blessed in sitting and hearing her talk. The best part was you would think I gave her a million dollars because she was so happy I spent time with her that I could see new life sprouting up in her body. I don't know where she is today or if she is still with us, but I can say that I was blessed spending time with her and you will be to.

Now that you see all the social and psychological benefits there are to assisting the elderly you should consider going out and volunteering for an organization. There is a great need for help and any place that is looking for volunteers would love to have you. The world is in short supply of people that care, since most people today only care about themselves and not others. Make a difference by getting out there and spending some time with a lonely old man or woman and dive into their world. You just might be surprised how intelligent and interesting they are with all their life experiences and stories.