If you have just started your own business, an ideal way to get manpower is to hire independent contractors. Unlike regular employees, independent contractors are usually easier to handle for small businesses. However, in some situations, independent contractors can become annoying and even cause problems. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of employing independent contractors.


  • They train themselves – Independent contractors usually undergo trainings to sharpen their skills. Because of this, employers would not need to let them attend seminars and trainings.
  • They cannot terminate their employments at will – Independent contractors are hired on a contractual basis. This means, they would continue to work until the project has been finished.
  • They fund their own transportation and supply their own tools – Because these contractors work independently, they are responsible for their tools and modes of transportation.
  • Most independent contractors are highly-skilled professionals – An independent contractor would not be able to continue his career if he does not perform quality work for his clients.


  • They decide how much they will get – Oftentimes, independent contractors tell employers how much they would be paid. This payment is based on their skills and experience in their chosen field.
  • They work at their own pace – Contractors have their own schedules at work. If they do not follow these schedules, it would greatly affect their work, especially with other clients.
  • Their services may be divided between two or more clients – An independent contractor's skills are available for all, which means he can work with several different clients at the same time.
  • Employers cannot hire them – No matter how good a contractor is, the employer cannot hire him in the company. If an employer needs to hire someone so badly, he might as well opt to hire a regular employee.

These are just some of the advantages and disadvantages of hiring independent contractors. If you want to have additional information regarding independent contractors, you can also get legal advice from a Los Angeles employment attorney in your location.

Starting a business without manpower is almost impossible to do. That is why you need to hire workers that are dedicated to what they are doing. If you want to know more about businesses, employees and contractors, you can always seek legal expertise from a Los Angeles employment lawyer. He would surely come in handy whenever you have any question regarding employment issues.