The Benefits of A Small Wedding

What Are The Positives?

When most people dream of their wedding ceremony, they focus on the grandeur and extravagance of the event.  Though a beautiful wedding ceremony is idea, it doesn't necessarily have to come in the form of a large ordeal.  A small wedding can be equally as beautiful as a large one.  Having a small wedding ceremony can be even more satisfying than having a large one.  When learning how to plan a small wedding, you'll realize that it is a lot simpler, a lot less stressful, and a lot more fun.

Small Wedding 1

During this process, you'll learn that having a small wedding has several more benefits than constructing a colossal one.  The overall price of a small wedding is a much cheaper than trying to throw the same style of wedding for a ton more people.  The church or building that you have to rent out does not have to be anywhere as big with a few people.  Instead of having a wedding in a large church, you could have the ceremony in a small chapel.  You also have the ability to have the wedding outdoors in a beautiful location, whereas this may be a lot more difficulte to execute if you tried to have it outdoors with a lot of people. 

Another positive aspect of having a small wedding, is that you can have it in a different location.  If your wedding only consists of a small personal group of people that you know, you can have the wedding in a different location.  It would be impossible to afford plane tickets for hundreds of people if you wanted to have a large wedding in a different destination, but with a small group of people, you can fly them to a specific area for the wedding without much of a hassle.

When learning how to plan a small wedding, you'll understand that everything is much easier.  You do not have to cater to tons of people, and you can focus on one core group of loved ones.  Nobody likes an awkward wedding experience filled with tons of people that they barely know, yet felt compelled to invite.  With a small wedding, it is understandable not to invite every single person you know, and have the main people in your lives that you care about show up.  When planning for the small wedding ceremony, your location can be more intimate, you can have more expensive foods and drinks at the reception, and overall, you can focus much easier on making it a perfect experience when you're discovering how to plan a small wedding.  What would be spread out in a large ceremony is now much more contained, thus easier to decorate and plan.

Small Wedding 2

You may also learn that the ceremony will be much more personal.  Everyone you invite will more than likely be people who have had a very large impact in both the bride and groom's lives.  This removes the impersonal quality of a large ceremony, and also takes away a lot of the awkwardness.  In a small area with loved ones, the day will seem a lot more beautiful within your memory.

List of Benefits

* The ceremony will be much cheaper
* It will be a more personal event with people who are very close to you
* You can have your ceremony at a beautiful location that's far away
* You can have your ceremony at a small, comfortable location
* Focusing on making everything perfect will be much easier
* The whole process will be less stressful overall 
* It will be a much more intimate ceremony 

There are a number of positives surrounding small weddings, and you'll be able to reap the reward whenever you're planning for it.  It will be a much more intimate occasion, thus creating a stronger vibe of beauty.  Your small wedding ceremony will be one of the best moments of your life.  If you'd like more help with planning your small wedding ceremony, I wrote an article "How To Plan A Small Wedding".