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What exactly is a Work At Home Parent?

Millions of people worldwide are parents, and almost everyone works, some do it at home. A work at home parent is a businessman or businesswoman who attends to children, doing first-hand parenting, while working from home.

History of work-at-home parenting

The practice of incorporating entrepreneurship with parenting has been practiced throughout history especially since the era of merchants and artisans flourished. This class of entrepreneurs worked closer to their households, with children present in the work setting. Times changed during the historical circumstances such as the Industrial Revolution when children were expected to stay away from their parent's places of work. However, the present economic trends and circumstances brought demands for dual working parents. Many social consequences as a result of lack of responsible parenthood due to the absence of parents, compelled many people to choose to stay at home. This gave rise to the concept of career and family balance which makes the work at home parenting concept a practical and sensible proposition.

A business person, an entrepreneur, or a freelance contractor who chooses to conduct the business at home do so for numerous reasons, mainly, it gives one the flexibility to balance their time between career and family. The reasons could be countless. Many parents, having experienced the benefits of working at home, would not forego the opportunity of programming their own hours while spending the valuable time with their children and family while also being able to fulfill social obligations. This type of entrepreneurs, the Work At Home Parents, also saves a great deal in terms of time and financial resources.

The chief objective of a work at home parent would be to incorporate their time for commercial enterprise with parenting duties without a loss in income or earning opportunity. The integration of entrepreneurship with the raising of children can be accomplished by consolidating the use of time and space, conciliating parenthood in business and flexibility.

Use of time and space

Bringing children on business errands, scheduling activities while the children are sleeping and getting the children familiarize with the concept of an office that makes their presence allowable.

Conciliating parenthood in business

Be an expert in your line of business and excel in whatever you do to build a solid reputation of being competitive in your line of work. Keep your business associates and even your clients aware that your family is a priority with you. They certainly would not mind that you have your own parenting schedule because they know how capable you are of delivering your product. As the children grow, training them to help by perform small chores would certainly assist in a work at home parent's business. This is another way to help children grow as responsible adults in the future.


Having your own schedule of working hours definitely helps a work at home parent perform efficiently since they can operate at hours suitable to their own schedule. Some are even more efficient working in shorter bursts of time than in a long and uninterrupted process.