Carpet squares are among the best types of floor coverings for most types of settings. It's perfect for high traffic areas or other places where kids and children might travel through. High traffic areas can be problematic because it can wear down on the carpeting material, while areas that kids often travel through can be at greater risks for stains. Carpet tile squares can help solve both of these problems. Not just that, they are also a great cost-effective option that can also be simple to install.

The pricing for carpet tile squares are generally around a dollar or so higher than traditional rolled carpet, depending on your preferences. There are times when manufacturers need to get rid of older inventory to make more space for the newer models. This is when most stores will offer huge savings that can even lower the price down to 79 cents for each sq. foot. You should ask whether installation is a part of the price because sometimes this is the case. It's most likely not the case if the tiles are heavily discounted. Even if installation is not included, it's quite simple and fast to install the squares so don't sweat the installation too much.

carpet tiles (31645)In order to calculate the exact square footage your room will require, you should measure the size of your room and then convert that number into square feet. If you don't know how, you should visit a website that sells carpets directly through the internet to its customers because they will likely have some sort of calculator to make the process easier for you. Once you know the measurements and the order process is over, you should go to a hardware store and purchase chalk-line, a utility knife, double sided tape and a straight edge.

Once the tiles have arrived, you should leave them alone for at least a day or two at room temperature. This will help them absorb the temperature of their surrounding environment. While you wait, be sure to have a flat workspace that's also extremely clean. Be sure to check the corners in case a few pieces of debris got stuck to the sides. Now, mark the center of the space with a horizontal and vertical chalk line. The line should be as straight as you can possibly get it because the angles have to be accurate. If the angles aren't perfect, it could ruin the entire process since this will be your starting point.

Now you should begin to lay out the tape through the vertical and horizontal mark ups that you have created. You should also create a layer at the borders of the floor you will be tiling. Now you need to start from the corner and begin to crisscross from the center. Be sure the tape starts from the center. The center is where you will begin to put out the tiling. The tape is not only going to be your guide, it's also going to be what you use to stick the tiles to the floor.

You should begin placing the squares until you reach the corner. Once you reach the wall, you need to flip the last carpet squares into the next row. You should measure the needed measurement for the tile to meet the wall and then use your knife to cut it. Then fit the piece in and repeat the whole process until you finish.