Now, before you hit up the candy wholesale, you need to understand how precisely this type of candy can help you. After all—if you look at any type of candy, it somehow has some benefit. Cow tails have cream—that’s good for calcium…right? Well, unfortunately, thanks to processing…not so much. As a matter of fact, as far as processing is concerned, it’s not nearly as beneficial as you might think. But, don’t fret. There are a few reasons why you should hit up the bulk chocolates’ isle and check into buying chocolate as a dietary supplement.

Dark Chocolate

Not really thought of as bulk chocolates material, you have to keep in mind that dark chocolate is actually one of the most beneficial types of chocolate. There are several reasons for this—for one, it does have a lot more of the fatty cocoa solids, which is what contains a lot of the antioxidants that you need (you never hear about white chocolate having healthy benefits…). Unfortunately, the processing that chocolate goes through takes away a lot of the bitterness…and it also removes a large majority of the anti-oxidants, called flavanoids, from the chocolate. Luckily, there are a few companies that have actually tried to produce dark chocolate that still contains higher amounts of this type of antioxidant. Making it tasty is the problem. So maybe the candy wholesale isn’t the first place for you to jump…

But What’s the Deal?

Why are people rushing to buy bulk chocolates in an attempt to get more flavanoids? Well, the answer is simple—they’re good for you. Some studies suggest that eating chocolate that’s high in flavanoids helps to prevent cancer (which, if your family has a high cancer risk, can be a major comfort), helps promote cardiovascular health (sadly, the fat in the chocolate probably wouldn’t help…but there are ways around that), has anti-viral and anti-allergy properties (great for those who get sick a lot or have allergy problems), and also helps with inflammation—which could include arthritis or even some skin conditions. But, before you hit the bulk chocolates or candy wholesale isle, you do need to keep a few other things in mind:

Dark Chocolate—and Only Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is the best bet for those who are looking to reap the benefits of the many anti-oxidants that are contained in chocolate. It is normally the least processed and you can buy chocolate that has a higher content of chocolate as well—another important thing to keep in mind. Milk chocolate and white chocolate have little to no anti-oxidant benefits. A lot of companies have now found ways to help make their chocolate RETAIN more and more of the healthy flavanoids. But, you have to keep in mind that chocolate is still high calorie and still high fat!

Before You Hit Bulk Chocolates…Skip the Milk

Before you go to the candy wholesale counter and ask for dark chocolate—you have to keep in mind that milk isn’t your best friend. Another reason why milk chocolate doesn’t help you nearly as much as dark chocolate is because of, well, the milk. It’s not that it dilutes it or anything, but that studies actually show that milk can hinder the absorption of the flavanoids…meaning that even if you drink a glass of milk with your dark chocolate, it can make the flavanoids less likely to absorb. There’s nothing wrong with buying from the candy wholesale—but make sure you know what you’re getting too.

What’s the Complete Name of the Flavanoid?

The name of the flavanoid (which you probably shouldn’t ask for when buying bulk candies!) is epicatechin. You can find this in many plant-based foods, especially those that are known for being high in anti-oxidants. However, chocolate is a particularly potent source.

How Do I Get the Antioxidants WITHOUT All the Fat?

If you’re pretty sure that you’re going to overindulge, you can instead check into something other than the candy wholesale. Chocolate powder has the same affect has dark chocolate, but it also needs to have a high cocoa content. This includes your chocolate bars too—they need to be at least seventy percent pure cocoa—and even more can help out too.

So, Should You Buy From the Candy Wholesale?

One thing you have to keep in mind regarding chocolate is that less is more—results have been shown from eating chocolate once a day, once a week…and even once a month, assuming that you get high flavanoid chocolate. There are a few brands that you can choose from—whether you buy bulk chocolates or not…well, that’s up to you. If you can keep yourself from overeating the chocolate (since that won’t really do you much good), then you need to go ahead and buy bulk chocolates. It’ll save you more money in the long run. However, if you know that you ten to overindulge, then stick to a much smaller serving and stay away from the candy wholesale.

What Candy Bar Brands Have the Highest Content of Flavanoids?

It’s hard to tell—your best bet is to go for chocolate that has not been Dutch processed or alkali processed. Stick to darker, more bitter chocolates that have a high content of cocoa, for the best results. You should eat a small serving at least once a week in order to cut your risk—but keep it small. Let’s face it—we do go overboard when eating chocolate. Think carefully and try to buy bulk chocolates only if you’re sure you can handle it. The same goes for those who don’t buy bulk chocolates.


Finally, talk with your doctor before you finally start checking into candy wholesales to buy chocolate to help supplement your diet. Let’s face it—it’s not a bad idea to try to prevent any cholesterol problems, but first check with your doctor to see how necessary it is. The important thing is to keep your health in mind, candy wholesales or no candy wholesales. Who knew that chocolate could be so beneficial?