There are many reasons people choose to live a healthy lifestyle. With today's trends of exercise, diets and overall healthy well being some people seek the same for their furry friend. In any major city you can see the impact of this trend with the many upscale grooming salons and pet care facilities. While owner goes to yoga class his or her pampered pooch is getting groomed at the doggy salon next door. Owners seek the best care for their pets, and want to feed them the best they can offer.

One of the best feeding trends right now is the grain free diet. This type of feeding is available for both dogs and cats, and is readily found at your local pet supplies store. Many cat and dog owners are choosing to switch their pets to this diet, and the number of brands carrying this style of food is on the rise. Along with the grain free option many companies also label their food as organic. There are three common forms that the grain free diet is available in.

The first and most convenient to use is the grain free kibble. Just about every pet supplies store is carrying at least one brand in kibble form. It is fed the same as your every day kibble, and is the best pick if you are on a tight schedule. There are many different brands producing grain free kibble for dogs and cats, and you will find a list at the bottom of the page.

Another common form of grain free feeding is freeze dried portions. These may come in pellets or nuggets and they require water to be added before feeding time. This is more work than the basic kibble, but companies insist freeze drying prevent much of the nutrients and minerals from being lost. The freeze dried portions are handy for travel much like the kibble.

Raw frozen is the most work to feed, but is the closest to a dog or cats natural diet that you can get. This is available in either patty or nugget form, and you will find it at your local pet supplies store if they have a fridge on site. This type of diet must be kept in the freezer until serving, and can be fed frozen of defrosted at mealtime. The frozen raw diet comes grain free, and come with fruits and vegetables added or just plain meat. If the thought of feeding your cat or dog raw meat seems a little alarming then you may choose to cook it for them instead.

Why feed grain free?

In the wild your dog or cat's diet would consist of primarily meat based proteins, and the occasional fruit and vegetable. Grain was consumed very little. Grain has in fact been found to cause or irritate some pets allergies. Grain is also very hard to digest especially in aged pets.

Some of the benefits of feeding grain free (not limited to):

Shiny coat, decreased allergies, healthy skin, increased appetite in picky eaters, increased energy, ease in passing of stools, reduced stools and decrease in weight for obese dogs or cats,

Some of the brands that carry a form of the grain free diet:

Orijen, Solid Gold, Merrick, Innova (EVO), Nature's Variety, Wellness(core), Timberwolf, Natural Balance, Taste of the Wild,


This must be done very gradually to prevent stomach upset. The best way to do so is to slowly mix in the new food with the old. Starting with the first week of adding small quantities of new to old (treat sized amounts). The second week you can replace 1/4 serving of old food with new. The third week should be 1/2 new food and 1/2 old food. The fourth week you can choose to either split new 3/4 to old 1/4 or completely change over to the new food. The speed you do this will be determined by your pets stomach, and if upset occurs reduce the amount of new food being added.