Guest blogging has been around since blogs began. However, in the last three to four years guest blogging has been used as a tool to separate your blog from the rest of the crowd. Guest blogs can help your business grow.

This marketing strategy is being employed by scores of blog masters and website owners. Getting a blog off the ground and start your readership and membership growing can be difficult and guest blogging is one course of action that can help.

Loads of the most successful bloggers have used guest blogging on their sites and blogs, as well as guest blogged for others. You don’t necessarily need to have an expert perform this service, but you do need and want quality content. In addition, if you are a guest blogger producing excellent content you could find requests from other blogs or sites as a guest blogger in addition to promoting your own site or blog on numerous platforms. The promotion of your site or blog is performed through the exceptional posting you submit not through advertising or promoting with the article being written.

Guest blogging has been used by many with terrific success. Even with an established forum or following, a guest blogger is a nice way to add a WOW factor to your current content. Something new and different added to your already great content never hurts. Remember, this is your blog with your name and reputation attached to it. Make certain the guest blog is something you feel proud of posting and promoting through your site or blog. If you don’t feel it is up to your standards, you can politely refuse to post or work with the author to try and create what you are seeking in your guest post.

Link building may or may not be performed by guest blogging. If link building is what you are searching for to build traffic for your platform, a guest blogger is not the route you would like to take. Link building is a separate discussion and really should not be associated with guest blogs. However, you may well inadvertently build links to your blog.

You can request someone to guest blog on your site or you can promote yourself to guest blog. Both of these are great for getting a quality post seen. There are even sites that have been established to bring these two camps together. Authors that are looking for guest bloggers and guest bloggers that are looking for platforms.

If you are a guest blogger remember several things.

  • Don’t write a product review unless the author is requesting you to do so
  • Write an original article that you don’t expect to post anywhere else
  • This is not a way to build backlinks
  • Follow directions or instructions provided by the blog or site owner

Guest blogging is a win/win situation when performed correctly. It’s a way for you to gain readers from a different community and it is a way for you to obtain quality content from other bloggers or authors for your readers.

be creative with guest blogging
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