Overly dry air -- whether it be the result of a naturally arid climate or artificial heat -- can negatively impact your health and comfort. Particularly in the winter time, when forced air systems, winter dryness, and closed windows create conditions of extreme dryness indoors, the benefits of home humidifiers will be immediately felt. Whether you are considering the installation of a whole-house unit, or merely looking to buy a few inexpensive consoles to place around your home, the reasons for humidification in the home are many.

Home Humidifiers For Comfort

A lack of humidity in the air can quickly dry out skin and cause itchy discomfort. Of course, constant scratching of irritated dry areas can cause its own issues, and many pre-existing skin conditions can be further aggravated by dried out, stale air in the home. Beyond the obvious role in skin health, another benefit of home humidifiers are their impact on heating. Because moist air retains heat better than dry air, you will not only feel warmer in a more humid home environment, but be able to turn down your thermostat and save a bit on your heating bill to boot.

Less in the way of dry, flaky skin and chapped lips, less chance of nose bleeds, even less shocks from static electricity -- a simple home humidifier can work wonders in all those areas. Finally and perhaps most importantly, everyone has experienced the immediate relief that humidification can bring to those suffering from cold and flu, as moist air tends to benefit congestion and make breathing easier.

Home Humidifiers For Health

Humidifiers do not just ease cold symptoms -- they can actually help prevent your getting sick in the first place. When air is very dry the mucus membranes and cilia in the nose -- the body’s first line of defense against harmful substances in the air we breath -- dry out and no longer function as well as they should. By keeping the nose and lungs moist, you help ensure the body stays strong when most needed -- in the winter when everyone around you seems sick and contagious.

Perhaps the most pronounced benefit of home humidifiers is for those suffering from breathing conditions, such as allergies or asthma. For the same reason that humidifiers help ease cold symptoms and prevent infection, home humidification can make a huge difference in respiratory health and comfort for chronic sufferers of a variety of ailments.

Dry Air and Home Furnishings

Many people do not consider that, in addition to the human impact overly dry air can have, it also takes a toll on the objects within the home. Older wooden furniture and wooden floors in particular can take damage or even warp from extremes of humidity and aridity. Paper products and especially books are also vulnerable to climate extremes, and conscientious use of home humidifiers can greatly benefit the longevity of your home furnishings.

Some Warnings About Home Humidifiers

There are a couple of commonsense rules one should follow when humidifying the home. Firstly, avoid an over-humidified environment in which mold or bacteria might proliferate. This can be done by not allowing the humidifier to exceed the range of 35% to 40%. Do not place the humidifier where its output will cause condensation on the surface of walls or furniture.

Always keep home humidifiers clean, and change filters often. Thoroughly scrub and disinfect the unit if any signs of mold growth are present, and immediately throw away any air filters in a unit that shows signs of mold growth. A good cleaning should always be the last thing you do before storing the humidifier in the off-season.

Following these simple rules will ensure the benefits of home humidifiers won’t be overshadowed by carelessness.