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The Benefits of Joining Info Barrel's Facebook Page

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Following in the footsteps of such branding mogul phenomenons like Geico and Allstate car insurance, to the pallet invigorating chocolate multi-color sensation of M&M candies, Info Barrel has recently utilized another awesome form of social media to convey it's message: Facebook Fan Pages. Where thousands of highly influential companies abound, Info Barrel clearly hopes to create a safe haven for it's ever expanding user base. With just over 100 fans already, it is not difficult for a casual observer to take notice of the emergence of such an awesomely generous platform.

While they may not offer a free rate quote, or the pleasure of temporarily satisfying one's own chocolate cravings, they do offer a rather unique, long term, opportunity for passive income and financial solitude. In an era where "the economy" is destined to emerge in just about any casual conversion, so also has the notion of passive income saturated the minds of many aspiring entrepreneurs. Even blogs galore have embraced this notion to the tune of even carving out their own unique niche around the idea of "passive income". For those who have been blessed with the gift of writing (and, even if they haven't been), Info Barrel's generous 75-90% Google Adsense revenue share, on all submitted articles and content, is really beginning to turn heads. If alexa and quantcast trends are any indicator, Info Barrel could very well emerge as one of world's top navigated websites.

In the meantime, Info Barrel's newly established Facebook Fan Page has recently emerged as a great complement to it's own website (where you are reading this article right now). Blog after blog have highlighted the awesome benefits a company can have just from utilizing many aspects of Facebook to further their own brand(s) and create a following of dedicated and loyal users. With an Icon now placed at the bottom right-hand side of their website, Info Barrel has clearly made it extremely easy for those users of Facebook to "Become their Fan" over on Facebook. While this certainly serves the Info Barrel company in many great ways, this relationship is definitely reciprocal.

Building upon their already established generous revenue share offering, dedicated users of Info Barrel can now find great benefit in following Info Barrel on Facebook. Just by clicking "Become a Fan", you can actually be informed of the latest and greatest developments on Info Barrel. While they may blog about these occurrences, by becoming their Facebook fan, you are immediately given access to these posted updates. This following, and ability to become instantly notified of new developments on Info Barrel, can actually serve Info Barrel members monetarily, as well. For example, when Info Barrel recently announced the use of Chitika advertisements on their website's pages, this announcement was made immediately to all their fans via Facebook. Had you not been an Info Barrel 'fan', you may not have ever known this unless you navigated directly to their blog on this website.

Becoming an Info Barrel 'fan' only takes one click of your mouse, but, if you are serious about earning money on Info Barrel, this could very possibly be one of the best moves you make. Being left in the dark is no fun, so, I think it is great that Info Barrel's owners decided to create this avenue by which to further communicate with it's dedicated and passionate users. Not every website's owners go to such lengths to communicate with their users, which is a truly unfortunate happening. As Info Barrel continues to grow, and excel in Alexa and Quantcast rankings, I strongly believe that their Facebook Group will grow to massive levels, and you will definitely not want to miss any of their updates. If you have you to join their Facebook Page, you should do so now! You won't regret it!

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Nov 11, 2009 7:04am
Has anyone here joined Info Barrel's Facebook Page yet?
Dec 4, 2009 6:06am
I've just joined Info Barrel's Facebook page. I've not really had a chance to look about yet, but will definitely give an update as to what I think of it tomorrow -- it's after 5am where I am and I've yet to go to sleep...lol.
Dec 4, 2009 6:49am
i think i see you on there! :) ....

What do you think of Info Barrel, in general? How does it compare to maybe other websites you've written for?
Dec 4, 2009 8:19am
Personal touch means a lot and Info Barrel has that. I nearly died when I received an email answering a question. It wasn't generic! It actually addressed the question I asked and get this....it was from an honest to goodness, living, breathing person. That alone sold me.

To be perfectly honest, I'm not earning a lot here. I don't want to dishearten people who might read this so you can message me on Facebook if you'd like to know the amount, but I can say it's not been a lot. But I stay for a few reasons.

First and foremost; as I said, when you have an issue you have someone to go to. That means a lot. I do hope Info Barrel keeps that feel as they grow.

Secondly, I see Info Barrel moving up quickly. I like the idea of growing with Info Barrel. I may not be earning tons now, but I truly believe that in time that will change. I have a bit to learn - o.k., I have a whole heck of a lot to learn, but I'm willing to learn and love to write so I'll manage it. As Info Barrel becomes more successful, so will I.

Another reason I love Info Barrel is quality means something here. I like writing for a site that actually cares what content is representing them. That's another reason that Info Barrel will pass up lots of other sites.

I've wrote for Ehow and still have articles there. Once I learn how to optimize them, I'll move them and add a hundred or so good articles to Info Barrel. Ehow...Oh, where to begin...generic emails...if they even bother to send one at all...deleted content for no reason...oh I could go on and on), Bukisa is a site that I haven't done enough with to really even comment. I am also doing some things with Mahalo. I have to say, it's interesting there. There is plenty of opportunity, but lots to learn. I enjoy answering the questions for people when I'm able. It's quite different than Info Barrel and really it's hard to compare the two.

The one thing I'd change with Info Barrel is the amount of time the front page stays the same. It's been the same as long as I've been writing here or at least close to it. Other writers could gain exposure were it to be changed once a week or at least once every other week.

Wow, I've babbled on! I have to say I do that pretty often when discussing Info Barrel. I see serious potential here and I think I've found my home in the world of online writing. It's exciting and I know the possibilities are endless.
Dec 4, 2009 8:36am
Hey Robyn!

Whenever I speak to anyone about the potential of Info Barrel, I immediately point them towards THIS graph:


....honestly, it's very difficult to "sell" people on Info Barrel, especially if they don't find themselves immediately making what people on other websites make.....as for eHow, the only major leg up they have on Info Barrel is the fact that they have been around much much longer.....no matter how crappy their customer service, and user interface and functionality, it DOES have very high favor in Google, and, new writers are pretty much guaranteed being able to write an article, publish, and see the fruits of their labor almost immediately....

With time, just like you said, Info Barrel will do the same....in fact, based on my experience here, as well as talking to Kevin and Ryan (the owners), they have managed to construct a platform that could very possibly give eHow a run for its money....

.....I took a bit of a pay cut when I moved all my article, in mass, from eHow.....at times, I can't say I didn't regret it simply because I probably could have used that money, but I didn't feel comfortable AT ALL keeping my articles there.....I had worked so hard on them, and, I really couldn't make sense of eHow at all.....their guidelines were unclear, they never responded to emails, and I knew that if I published on article it could very well be deleted 2-3-4-5 months down the road.....

When I started reading complaints/reviews from work-at-home-moms who were absolutely devastated when they would wake up and 30+ of their articles (some their highest earning)....had been completely deleted with reasons like "Common Sense"......

Who is to say what "Common Sense" is?.....if they are going to delete article 4 months after they have approved them in the first place, then that shows some serious disrespect for writers.....Info Barrel's management understands that the fundamental key to their success is their writers.....its reflected in their business plan, revenue share, as well as, customer service....

.....on a side note, I had told Jason (jcmayer777) yesterday that, for the last 2 weeks, I must have received upwards of 40 emails from eHow, stating that my articles (that I had deleted 2 months prior) were published and LIVE on the website.......when I clicked on the link provided, though, it just directed me to articles written by their staff........really really weird....and, it just goes to show what little "control" eHow has over their very own platform....

before I begin seriously criticizing them, I had sent them tons of emails offering to help....offering to re-write their Terms of Service/FAQs/and Editorial Guidelines....of course, all those emails went unanswered, and left me with a very sour taste in my mouth regarding them....

....I really can't see them lasting much longer if they neglect the most fundamental aspect of their website: their writers.......

oh, and another thing, their revenue share should NOT be a secret....
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