I have seen many benefits of writing in a journal at my Pinterest online pinboard.  There are many great suggestions here that I have pinned under “reading tools for you.”

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Some of the benefits of a journal are a peace of mind.  There is something about getting information from your head to the paper.   Once you have written it down, then you can put it into perspective.   I have found that keeping a journal is useful when reviewing things or events that have happened in my life.   In addition, in reviewing, I get a glimpse of how I was feeling that day.   Possibly some days I was feeling good, and then on other days not so good.  

I recall watching the movie “The Diary of Ann Frank.”   This was a true story of a girl.  While hiding from the Nazi’s, she kept a journal.   I could feel many of the emotions that she talked about in the movie.  I cannot imagine having to hide during war times or even during slavery times as many did. 

I recall keeping a 5-year-diary in high school.  When I sometimes view  it, it brings back many memories.  For instance, I wrote about my long wait for baptismal.   It seemed like it took forever, because we did not have a pool at our church.  Therefore, I had to wait until the arrangement date at another church, Metropolitan Baptist Church.  Often we may forget things about our past.  When reviewing a journal, you  can recall great memories. Writing in a journal can help  show many of your emotions and feelings that are  inside of you.

You might ask, “How often should I write in my journal?”  Well that is your decision.   The good thing about it is you can write as often or as little as you want.  The important thing is that you make the effort to start doing it.

Writing is  therapeutic and relaxing for many.  I know that is a fact for me.   Webmd states that an individual help's their  resolve grief by expressing feelings openly or writing journal entries about them.  Sometimes people find it very painful to talk about a loss while grieving.  Writing in a journal is an alternative way to expressing that grief.    They further talk about allowing time to experience thoughts  and feelings openly to yourself.  You will be feeling different things at different times.   It may take time to process.  Everyone’s timeline is different.  Do you keep a journal? [3594]