These days, sending a parcel is a very simple process. The advancements in technology have made it even easier to put together a parcel and send it anywhere in the world in a few short days.

If you are sending a parcel, you need to ensure that you label it correctly. By doing this, your items are more likely to arrive in the quickest time possible avoiding any potential hold-ups or detours.  Let’s take a look at the benefits of labelling your parcels so that you can ensure your items are delivered safely and efficiently. 

Getting through customs without any delays

As you can imagine, thousands of parcels and packages pass through customs and sorting depots on a daily basis. With a vast number of parcels, all with different size, shape and weight, it’s no wonder the officials sometimes question what the contents of a package might be.

Therefore, if you clearly label what’s inside the parcels you are sending, this will help the delivery process to run as smoothly as possible – particularly when sending overseas. If they have any suspicions about a parcel then it will take longer for it to arrive whilst the precautionary checks are being carried out. For peace of mind, it might be wise to add a note detailing the contents to avoid this scenario.  

Speeds up the delivery process

Clearly writing the address will also allow your parcels to be delivered within a reasonable timeframe. If your hand writing is not the best, use block capitals or maybe even type and print the delivery address on your computer. If it’s hard to read the sending details then your parcel might not arrive at its intended destination.

For extra reassurance, cover the address in clear tape to prevent the handwriting running in the rain. If the text is smudged, then again it could be difficult to read the address details. It might sound a little extreme, but if you are sending something important or valuable, you will want your parcel to arrive safely. 

Let’s the receiver know what has arrived

If you label the parcels with a note detailing what is inside, not only does this help customs and the sorting depot, but it also notifies the receiver too. If they have a large quantity of parcels arriving at the same time, it’s a nice touch to make them aware of what is contained within.

Allows your parcels to be returned if they go missing

If you write your home address on the back of the parcel, it means that should your package go missing, the delivery service will be able to get it back to you. If you really want to play it safe, you could always add your phone number too so that you can easily be contacted.

Most of the time, you won’t encounter any problems when sending your parcels. However, there is nothing wrong with providing a little more information so that your parcel can be returned to you in the worst case scenario.

Take all of the above pointers into account when it comes to sending your parcels. The clearer you are, the easier it will be for the delivery services to get your parcel from A to B.