Store Bought Salsa Can't Touch the Flavor You Can Create at Home

It is so easy to go to the store and grab a can of salsa off the shelf; however the alternative is much tastier and also less expensive.  You are having the family over this weekend for barbecue and want to serve something that will leave a lasting impression on them.  How about dishing up your own home made salsa?  Rather than going to the grocery store and contemplating the best salsa brand, you can have make a homemade salsa that will be in your family for generations.  With a few simple steps and ideas you will save money by creating your own salsa.

To ensure that this salsa is a favorite you need to start off with the basics.  Home grown tomatoes and peppers work the best.  These vegetables from your garden will allow the salsa to stay fresh and tasty for a longer period of time.  Also the benefits of using your own ingredients include no preservatives and also vitamins and antioxidants which you don’t get from store bought salsa.  It takes little preparation time and will without a doubt beat anything you can buy at the supermarket.  It is simple and easy to make.  A few ingredients such as, green peppers, tomatoes, onion, jalapenos, red chili peppers, garlic powder/salt, cilantro, and lemon juice are some of the ingredients you can mix together to make an amazing appetizer.  These ingredients mixed and chopped together and tossed in a food processor make an outstanding, quick and effortless salsa in minutes. 

By creating your own blend of flavors, you can personalize the taste depending on personal choice.  Adding peppers creates a spicier salsa, and by adding more tomatoes you are able to create a milder flavor.  Taste deteriorates over time as store bought salsa sits on the shelf and by creating your own personalized creation, you are saving money as well as guaranteeing freshness. 

Once you have the right ingredients, the next step is canning or storing your salsa so it can last.  All you will need is a jar or Tupperware that is freezer proof.  The canning process isn’t time consuming but you might want to have the materials on hand before.  You will need is some jars, lids and bands in order to successfully can.  Making a bigger batch allows you to store them in the freezer, which will last longer and you are also able to split the salsa into different portions to be stored.  The larger the batch the more money you save.  Freshness that can last all year!

The best part of making your own salsa is the personalized taste.  Many store bought salsas aren’t perfected to meet your individual flavor and tang.  If you think about it, the fancy design and labeling is half the cost of salsa from the local grocery store.  With all the preservatives and vitamins extracted from the vegetables, you are better of creating your own one of a kind salsa and passing the recipe down from generation to generation to make a long lasting tradition than waste your money on tasteless salsa.  It is simple and fun to make at home and the process is rewarding.

Great salsas come in many different flavors.  Homemade ones taste the best.  It is easy and fun to create your own mixture of zesty vegetables by making a delicious salsa homemade.  Having the family over for the weekend is a great excuse to bring out the homegrown tomatoes and with a few simple steps and ideas, create your own salsa while saving money at the same time!  With these simple tips you are able to pass your unique recipe off for generations to come and create a forever-lasting spectacular appetizer.