The Benefits of Mineral Makeup – Giving Your Skin a Natural Glow

Just like any new product, mineral makeup has received its fair share of criticism and praises. Fans can't seem to get enough of its light, natural, and enduring radiance that only mineral makeup has the capacity to provide. Critics, on the other hand, rant about its tendency to dry and irritate skin. Others claim that it highlights wrinkles and makes them look older than their age. Some don't like its ashy undertone because it clashes with ethnic skins.

The Benefits

Mineral makeup is the perfect choice for women with sensitive skin or acne problems. It provides women the perfect replacement for their traditional makeup staples that are loaded with harsh ingredients. Here are some of the known benefits you can get from mineral makeup:

  1. Mineral makeup works for all skin types. For oily skin, loose foundation that is oil-free helps eliminate unnecessary shine. For dry skin, zinc oxide provides a soothing effect and the other minerals look after the skin and protect it from drying elements. Women, especially those with sensitive skin, are drawn to this product because it blends with their skin naturally. It does not strip the skin from its natural oils, instead it nurtures it.

  1. Because mineral makeup is powdered, it allows the pores of your skin to breathe. Regular makeup can be heavy and it usually clogs pores, which leads to the appearance of acne or rosacea. The powdered makeup absorbs excess oil to prevent skin problems from taking shape.

  1. True mineral makeup is absolutely free from harmful ingredients and artificial components. Many experts believe that the chemicals in traditional makeup are the leading cause of allergic reaction. Preservatives and fragrances in traditional makeup may have been the reasons why many women have to deal with skin issues after prolonged use of makeup.

  1. Aside from protecting your skin from acquiring acne and allergies in the future, mineral makeup also helps in resolving your current skin issues. It works as a natural skin moisturizer to prevent your skin from drying and to enhance its ability to heal itself.

  1. One of the main ingredients of mineral makeup is zinc oxide, which is utilized by dermatologists as a rosacea treatment because of its effectiveness to get rid of the condition. Zinc oxide also works as a natural sunscreen.

It is important to note that not all mineral makeup is the same. When buying mineral makeup, you should read the label and check each ingredient carefully. Make sure that there are no artificial fillers in it; otherwise, it is not really mineral makeup. Choose a mineral product that gives you protection from the harsh glare of the sun. It must also have sufficient amount of zinc oxide and titanium oxide to benefit from their anti-inflammatory property.

For ultra sensitive skin, choose a mineral makeup that does not include bismuth oxychloride since this can trigger allergies in certain skin types, although normal skin does not react adversely to it. Most mineral makeup adds bismuth oxychloride in their formula to achieve radiance and better consistency.

With all these benefits, you might be left wondering how the naturally-derived ingredients can give you excellent coverage and an even complexion. The best thing about mineral makeup is that it is made with natural pigments that merge with your skin's natural oils to give you that even complexion with just a light application. What's more, it also has light refracting properties to give you a flawless look. If applied with proper technique, the result is guaranteed naturally beautiful.

Despite the number of overwhelming positive reviews about mineral makeup, there are still people who are not optimistic about the effectiveness of the product. They complain about clogged pores, worsened acne condition, and irritated skin. To avoid this, you should perform a test or try out a sample first. There might be an ingredient, despite its being natural, that you are allergic to. The test will reveal if you are and it will save you a lot of hassles in the future.

Which One is for You?

For those who claim that mineral makeup dries their skin, the solution lies in the right application technique. If your skin has the tendency to dry, apply only a minimal amount since the powder can creep into wrinkles and fine lines. You can choose pressed mineral makeup or liquid mineral foundation that is more ideal for your skin type. Mineral makeup that is made for dry skin usually contains vitamins and natural moisturizers. You can also remedy dry skin problems by using skin spritz after application. This should set your makeup in place and prevents it from caking. This technique also keeps the makeup from sticking to your clothes.

If your skin is oily, it is recommended that you use loose mineral formulations. They are oil free and they soak up excess oil from your skin without making the powder appear too visible. Mineral makeup is very popular because it doesn't spoil the skin. Instead, it gives it a perfect and flawless finish.