Naturally Occuring Nutrients and Your Health
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Natural Nutrients and Your Health

Eating organic food may reduce your cancer risk. One Hungarian scientist named Dr. Jozsef Beres, who died in 2006, devoted a large part of his career to studying the relationship between chemical fertilizers and malignancies.

During the middle of the 20th century, he observed that more than 75 percent of people who developed cancer in his country lived near farms that employed modern agricultural practices. This, invariably, meant use of artificial fertlizers, comprised of potassium, nitrates and phosphorus.

He theorized that this creates an imbalance within the soil. This, in turn, affects plants, the animals that eat them and, ultimately, the human body.

Runoff from farms also enters the water supply. Dr. Beres found that wells became contaminated when artificial fertilizer was used.

So how can fertilizer cause cancer?

Dr. Beres believed the large amounts of laboratory-formulated nutrients compete with the naturally occuring micronutrients, such as zinc, copper and magnesium.

The plants, striving to maintain a balance, pull these essential micronutrients out of the soil. Using chemical fertilizers in the same field, year after year, depletes the soil. This leads to nutritional deficiencies in the general population.

Not having adequate amounts of certain elements and minerals in our bodies sets the stage for cancer, according to Dr. Beres.

The Observations of Dr. Beres

Dr. Beres, initially trained in horticulture, watched a lot of potatoes grow. He studied the vitamin content of potatoes harvested in an organic fashion. They contained much more Vitamin C than their artificially fertilized counterparts.

These nutritionally superior potatoes also resisted disease. The years following World War II were when chemical fertilizers were introduced in Hungary. This is also when cancer rates began to climb.

There was also a nasty potato virus that seemed to strike at random. Except that there was a pattern. It only hit crops where manmade fertilizer was used. The farmers who stuck with manure and other natural substances had a good yield. Organic potatoes didn't become infected.

In recent years, Dr. Beres' work on nutrition and farming methods has been backed up by other scientists. A study in the Alternative Medicine Review looked at various other bodies of research that found organic food is nutritionally superior to chemically farmed fruits and vegetables.

Packed with Vitamins and Minerals
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What Happened in the Laboratory

Later in his career, Dr. Beres earned a doctorate in physiology. He also began working in a hospital laboratory. This afforded him an opportunity to see what would happen when cancer cells were mixed with some of the same essential nutrients stripped from the soil.

Cancer cells immediately stopped growing when fed a mineral-based supplement. The results were so encouraging that he decided to embark upon human trials.

More than 230 very sick volunteers took a formula that supplied the minerals they should have consumed naturally, by eating fruits, vegetables and grains from rich soil. All of them had advanced cancer.

The predictable outcome, under those circumstances, would have been death. But at least 25 percent of these patients were cured after just one year of taking supplements. More than half of the entire group had tumors that became much smaller.

The only ones who didn't survive were those who died of something else, or who had a very advanced, and aggressive cancer.

Patients with leukemia did especially well. Dr. Beres noted that tumors with a strong blood supply were more likely to respond to his formula. Breast and prostate malignancies also tended to regress.

Putting His Formula on the Market

Dr. Beres eventually developed a formula that's come to be known as "Beres Drops." Once considered a viable cancer treatment in Hungary, it's now sold as a dietary supplement. At one point, during its development, Dr. Beres was deluged with sick people requesting his drops. He gave his formula away to countless desperate patients.

In 1978, he was finally legally able to market these drops, now called Beres Drops Plus and sold by Beres Pharmaceuticals, Ltd., the company he founded. It's run by some of his relatives.

Millions of people around the world have taken Beres Drops, which have no side effects. Dr. Beres believed they are most beneficial for early cancers and for preventing malignant tumors from developing.


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