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Placing plants in your homes and workplaces can bring forth a lot of benefits. Not only will it add aesthetic effect in your surroundings. It can also improve your overall health or well-being. There are actually a lot of studies that can support this. At the same time, these researches also encourage people to include varying plants as part of their interior decor. So, what are the benefits of indoor plants to your health. 

Improve the Quality of Indoor Air

One of today's leading environmental issues is air pollution. But, did you know that indoor air pollution is far worse than the quality of air outside your homes or work areas?

When outdoor air is already polluted and enters you homes, it will automatically mix with indoor contaminants such as carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2) and volatile organic compounds (VOC's) from your furnishings, plastics, or other building materials. Hence, worsening the quality of air.

You can resolved this dilemma by using air purifiers such as HEPA filters. However, this option is a bit expensive. But, don't worry. One of the benefits of indoor plants is that it can purify or improve the quality of indoor air through the process known as photosynthesis. This is actually noted in a study done by NASA wherein they concluded that an utmost of 87 percent of airborne toxins are evidently removed through the presence of plants.

Contrary to that, one study conducted by Stanley J. Kays and his team in 2009 indicated that indoor plants may partly contribute to the production of VOC's. Nonetheless, there are no substantial evidences that  houseplants does more harm than good.

It was evidently noted that VOC's are typically formed  due to the use of pesticides, plastic pots, and the microorganisms present in the soil. To resolve this problem, you just have to avoid using pesticides and plastic pots.

Control Indoor Humidity

Indoor plantsCredit: Image courtesy of hyena reality (freedigitalphotos.net)

Have you ever heard of the sick building syndrome? The most common contributors of this phenomenon are airborne toxins and humidity.

The truth is an increase in humidity can make a difference in your health. With that being said, one benefit of indoor plants is their capability to regulate moisture in the air. Through this, indoor humidity is regularly controlled.

Remember, indoor plants can also improve air quality. Hence, houseplants can greatly improve your health by controlling humidity. This is especially true if you’re constantly experiencing signs and symptoms of flu, common colds, and other related medical conditions. Nonetheless, be reminded that plants are not invincible. Typically, their leaves will develop brown tips when the humidity is too low. If ever this happens, houseplants alone will not suffice. A humidifier is imperative to stabilize the current moisture condition. 

Increase Productivity through Noise and Stress Reduction

Flowers in Your WorkplaceCredit: Image courtesy of Unsplash - pixabay.com

Another benefit you will gain by placing indoor plants is noise reduction. As you know, noise especially high frequency sounds can cause irritation and aggravate stress. Hence, placing houseplants inside your homes and workplaces will not only bring forth a calm environment. It can  also increase your productivity and concentration by minimizing noise.

In a recent study, indoor plants were also linked to increase in creativity. This was evidently shown in a research done by Texas A&M University. During their eight months of observing and data gathering, they found out that flowers and indoor plants help improve one's mood and creativity, which results to more ideas. [1]

Some of the choices if you want to reduce the noise in your area are peace lily, dragon-tree, and weeping fig. You can place one plant per 100 square feet. However, these plants’ noise reduction capabilities are minimal if your room has paneled walls, thick carpeting, and curtains. Basically, these indoor plants work best in areas that have tiles or marble floors, plastered walls, wide windows and doors.


Indoor PlantsCredit: Image courtesy of Unsplash - pixabay.com

Adding indoor plants to your homes and workplaces will not only create a cozy and refreshing environment. As presented above, they can also improve your overall health in various ways. Compared to other air purifying devices and humidifier, houseplants are very economical. Although you have to set some time and effort to care for them, it is definitely worth it.

You can also grow some herbs indoors. This is very beneficial for those who love creating sumptuous meals. Not, only will it enhance your food's flavor. It will also help freshen your indoor air and beautify your surroundings. 

With that, hopefully this list of benefits of indoor plants has enlightened you on the importance of including foliage as part of your interior decorations. 

Growing and Taking Care of Your Houseplants

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