Years ago, email changed the way that we communicate, and live our day to day lives. The ability to communicate faster with one another, increased our productivity and launched us further in to the information age. Today, communication with each other is instantaneous, and we can do so while we are on the go, with mobile phones.

Communicating via text message is the most effective way to reach your targeted recipient whether you are looking to get in contact with the person for personal reasons, or for business. Because of this, SMS Marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing today. There are several benefits to being able to reach your target audience, instantaneously, no matter where they are, or what they are doing, which in itself is a benefit.

The efficiency gained by being able to communicate via SMS provides a great benefit. The speed and reliability can help employees be more effective communicating with multiple people at once, which can save a business a lot of time, and in turn, reduce costs. Rather than making multiple calls and having to leave voicemail messages, an employee can be sure that their SMS message was received and read by the recipient(s).

Another great benefit of SMS Marketing is the ability to know the delivery status of each and every message that you send. Delivery reports can be simple, or provide all types of analytics, but the most valuable piece of information would have to be knowing as to whether or not your message was received by your recipient. Ninety-six percent of SMS messages are read by their recipients, so if the message was delivered to the mobile device, then you can be sure that the recipient will read your message if they have not done so already.

SMS Marketing is a great way to retain customers as well. It typically costs less to retain customers, than it does to acquire new customers, so staying in contact with your existing customers can be extremely valuable to your business. Rather than just focusing on acquiring new customers, businesses should always monitor their retention rate, and work at increasing it. SMS Marketing is a phenomenal way to increase your retention rate, and requires very minimal work. Simply have your existing customers opt-in to receive mobile alerts, and you can send them all coupons with a special promotion with a single click and drive sales immediately.

There are several aspects of a business that can benefit from a guaranteed, fast means of communication, and SMS Marketing is the best way to do just that. The benefits are numerous, and the results are proven. With over 2.5 billion text messages sent each day in the United States, text message marketing is the "email", of the new, faster, information age.