The Benefits of Self Awareness and Getting to know Who You Really Are

Developing a Better Understanding of YOU

What is Self-Awareness?

Self-Awareness is about creating a better understanding of who you are. It is about becoming educated in yourself, learning about what makes you who you are and what you are all about.  It is developing a clear understanding of you.

What will a Self-Awareness program actually provide you?

There are lots of different Self-Help and Self-Awareness, magazines, books and CD’s out there, all claiming to enhance your life. In all honest there are a lot of books and magazines that I have read that have done exactly that. But firstly and most importantly you need to know what aspect of yourself you want to enhance or develop first.  Be this your professional performance at work, enhancing your love life or improving your social skills. For a better understanding of yourself, you need a starting point.

Wherever you start in the great labyrinth of Self-Awareness it is important to know that underneath your personal self-study in whatever field you choose, there is a possibility that you could also gain from some of the points below.

So what are the benefits of Self-Awareness?

Engaging in Self Awareness in any area can:-

  • Help improve the understanding you have of yourself, who you are and why you are the way you are.


  • Improve your ability to relate to others by being comfortable in your own skin.  When you start to like yourself others like you too.


  • Connect with your own beliefs and values so you can gain ownership of them. Learn what beliefs are yours and what beliefs have been imposed by others opinions.


  • Give you a sense of inner peace, nobody knows you better than you do when you take the time to study yourself.


  • Assist with self-acceptance of the person that you are or rather the person that you want to become.


  • Improve your communication with others with the new found ability to separate your own values system as separate from others.


  • Helps to identify what is important to you and what really doest’t matter.


  • Establishes the priority of your life and what you need to address to improve certain areas of it


  • Contribute to liking “who you really are” warts and all. We all have negatives as you will no doubt discover if on your journey of self discovery.


  • Help to identify what your strengths are and look at your weaknesses, giving you the opportunity to work on considered weaknesses if you chose, or magnify your strengths by huge proportions.


  • Promote the confidence to become assertive with people who you feel take control over your life. Become the Governor of your own life and destiny.


  • Encourage  acceptance of who you are and what you stand for, by addressing and exploring what is important for you


  • Teach you to have a sense of purpose and direction with your life, promoting will power and determination to succeed in other areas.


  • Build your self-esteem.


  • Aid the understanding of others and acceptance of others as different from you.  We are all unique individuals.


  • Reduce stress and anxiety levels.


  • Assist with the ability to share issues with others.


  • Improve your ability to trust yourself and others


  • Bring about a sense of inner knowing and understanding of the external world outside your own thoughts and feelings.


  • Assist with identifying personal judgment that you may have, we all have them, that’s the reality of life.


  • Improves ability to accept judgment from others. Everyone has an opinion and is entitled to it.


  • Improve your attitude toward yourself and others around you.


  • Identifies triggers that may cause anger within you.


  • Provide a gateway to knowing how, when and where you react negatively to situations that you are faced with.


  • Stimulate the need to get to know yourself on a much deeper level and the contribution that you provide to the people in your life.


  • Assist with confidence to be yourself in social settings.


  • Build up the courage to “JUST BE YOU”


What are you waiting for?  Even the smallest lessons you obtain in Self-Awareness will change some aspect of YOU and give you a better understanding of the most important person in your world.

Self-Awareness is like stepping into unsafe, slippery waters.

Entering Deep Waters

Self- Awareness is Discovering the Beauty in Weeds

Take a closer look and see the beauty within you
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