Enrolling in cooking lessons is one of the best things I have done in my whole life. I did not only get to learn how to cook Italian because of it, I also got to enjoy going on weekend food tours. Through these lessons and tours, I also found new friends who enjoyed cooking and Italian as much as I do.

So, if you are planning to go down the same road I went to, here are just some of the benefits you will gain from going on food tours that also come with cooking lessons:

You will learn how to cook authentic Italian dishes.

This is the first and most vital benefit you will get. You are taking cooking lessons after all. But, what is great about learning from cooking lessons that come with food tours is that you will be taught by some of the best chefs in the region. You will also be able to discover how to make the basic staples for Italian cooking like pasta and pastry, from scratch. There are even times when lessons will start from the market where you will be taught which ingredients are the best to buy for your recipe and ends when you plate the dishes for serving already.

You will discover which wine will go best with a dish.

Most of the food tours offered will not only take you to food tastings, but to wine tastings as well. This means that aside from being able taught how to distinguish which are the best cheeses, chocolates or olive oil to use for cooking. You will also know which wines go best with a meal or a dish like red wine for meat dishes and white wine for fish dishes.

You will be able to relax for the weekend.

You won’t be cooking or food and wine tasting the entire duration of your food tour. You will also have time to relax in the luxurious accommodations that is part of the weekend package. This means that you could chill out with your friends while sipping wine or dine together in the dining room of where you are staying.

There are actually more benefits you can get from taking food tours that come with cooking lessons. I just touched on some of the basics above. You will enjoy some bonding time with your friends or even your family if they came with you on the tour and meet new friends as well.