The Benefits of Using Ergonomic Reading Slant Boards

Ergonomics is the science of designing work tools and work environments that fit human beings and provide them with optimal conditions for learning and high productivity. When it comes to reading and writing, educators have long recognized the ergonomic benefits of slanted work surfaces. This is why most school desks were traditionally slanted. Slanted reading and writing surfaces allow people to work more comfortably and retain more of the material they're studying without putting extra strain on their vision.

The Ergonomics of Reading and Writing

People tend to naturally tilt reading material towards. This is because doing so makes reading more comfortable, as it allows letters to come more easily into focus without having to strain one's eyes too much. Slanted surfaces also let you track lines of text without difficulty as you make your way down the page. Ergonomically designed adjustable slant boards provide the optimal reading angle for easier comprehension and retention.

Optimal reading and writing surfaces make it so that your brain does not have to allocate as many resources to deciphering the written data. Thus your brain is left with more resources to actually focus on the understanding and analyzing of the material your reading, which makes for better comprehension and overall learning. It also means you won't be as fatigued by the end of your study session.

Benefits of Adjustable Slant Boards

An adjustable slant board is made not just for students, but for anyone who spends a lot of time doing desk work, either at home or at the office. Studies published in scientific journals like the American Journal of Optometry have long shown a clear correlation between a person's learning efficiency and their position in relation to their work area, a correlation that is especially strong when it comes to near-point activities such as reading and writing.

The optimal work surface angle for reading has been found to be between 20 and 23 degrees. Adjustable slant boards allow you to find your own optimal angle. When doing this, it's good to keep in mind that your body should be at an elbow-to-fist distance from your work desk. Many slant boards also come equipped with a built-in whiteboards, so you won't have to buy a whiteboard separately for your office or home study.