Did you know that many people are considering rosemary oil for hair growth these days? Consumers are weary of spending money on hair loss products that produce no results and cause many side effects. An alternative solution is something natural like using rosemary oil for hair loss.

This herb is popular in Morocco and Spain, where from steaming the leaves and flowers of the rosemary plant produces the essential oil. The plant is an evergreen with long leaves and blue flowers. The main purpose of using rosemary oil, of course is, for its use in "aroma-therapy" however; rosemary oil for hair growth is a common application as well. It is also widely used in skin and nail beauty products. Rosemary is also a wonderful herb which adds flavor when used in cooking.

Rosemary oil hair growth works by stimulating the follicles. A chemical reaction will trigger the  follicle to become active and begin growing. Hair grows in different stages, one of which includes the rest phase. The hormones in your body are responsible for controlling the rest phase cycle of hair growth. Rosemary oil activates the hormones and tells it to start to grow. Rosemary oil for hair growth is available at your local drug store.

Here is a quick and easy recipe on how to use rosemary oil for hair growth. You will need about one-quarter cup of warm olive oil. To this add five drops of rosemary essential oil and about 2 sprigs of dried rosemary sprigs. Be sure to mix all ingredients well and store in a dark-colored bottle. It is best to keep the colored bottle in a cool dark place. When ready to use apply the oil to scalp and hair. Wrap the hair in a warm towel for 30 minutes and shampoo and style as you normally would. Rosemary oil is naturally light and easily absorbed by the hair shaft and furthermore it will not clog any pores which can prevent hair from growing.

Rosemary oil for hair growth stimulates blood circulation in the scalp. With an increase in blood flow, you should notice a decrease in hair loss. Rosemary oil for hair growth is affordable and has no side effects. However, pregnant women and epileptic people should avoid using this oil as it may trigger early labor and a seizure . If you are undergoing or have completed chemotherapy treatment, consult with your doctor to decide if using rosemary oil for hair loss is advisable. Another reason to consider is a change of diet. Remember eating a healthy well-balanced diet assures good blood circulation and hence the scalp receives the nutrients it needs to grow healthy and shiny hair.

Rosemary oil for hair growth encourages healthy hair growth and solving other hair related issues such as dandruff as well. Of particular note, rosemary oil is wonderful for dry, brittle or damaged hair. Now that you are aware of the hair benefits of using rosemary oil for hair growth be sure to make it part of your hair care regimen.