As of recently, the ability to develop a website has become less painful for those wanting to get started online with a great web design. In past years, web development required practical knowledge of how to code in HTML and Javascript.

Now, it is much easier, through the use of content management software, such as, the Wordpress Platform, to develop and launch your own piece of internet real estate, in a matter of minutes.

This will allow you to spend less time on the things that take away from filling your website with great content.


Use of a Semi Custom Web Design Will Allow You To:


  1. Personalize your site without knowing much coding, using pre-designed templates.


  1. Manage your website functions easily.


  1. Easily Access and Update your website using any web browser through your pc, smartphone or tablet computer.


  1. Enables you to create an affordable web presence


The Wordpress platform is and excellent choice for developing your speciliazed website. With this platform you are able to customize several parts of the site with the click of a mouse. Instantly,, your favorite picture is capable of becoming your background image.

Easily add media such as images, audio files, and even videos. All this can be done from your web browser through your pc or tablet computer without having much technical skill at all.

Furthermore, with the use of a themed template your website pages can really stand out. Wordpress templates reduce the cost of having someone design and program your site for you. Some templates have a theme attached with them , such as, nature, sports, technology and others, which in most cases, you have the ability to customize just about every part of your website.


Parts such as:

  1. The Header--(Top of site where the name and logo of the site appears)

  2. Sidebar—(A section on the side of your website used for information that will usually appear on each page.)


  1. Body—(Main Content area of your website that can be customized by inserting some web programming code.)


  1. Footer---(Bottom section of page with links to other areas of the site of to another website )


In conclusion, to get started with your semi custom website, you will need:


Domain Name: This is your own( Many companies around the internet will sell you a domain name for around $12 or less.


Web Hosting Provider: This is where your semi custom website will be stored. When someone types in your domain name, the images and data stored on their servers(computers) will appear in their browser. This will usually cost around $7-$15 a month for service.


Installation of Latest Wordpress Software: This is the customizable platform used by millions of people and organizations around the world to make beautiful websites. Wordpress is FREE to Download.