Most people understand that the Internet is a valuable tool in the lives of virtually everyone. From business applications to pure enjoyment, the Internet is a vital part of most people's lives. However, the Internet would be nothing without hosting companies that allow the millions of websites to appear online. Many people who are building a website often wonder what sort of web host is right for them. One avenue that has grown very popular is what is known as reseller hosting.

Before talking about the benefits of unlimited reseller hosting, it's important to fully comprehend what this service actually is. To put this in very simple terms, unlimited hosting describes a service that offers no limits on bandwidth, disk space, databases, e-mails or domain names that can be registered with the company offering this type of plan.

The interesting thing about companies advertising unlimited hosting is that from a technical standpoint, it is impossible to do this. However, it is possibe to offer more bandwidth and more space than most people could ever use, therefore it is considered an unlimited service.

This brings the question what is reseller hosting. This is a practice by which host companies purchase large amounts of server space from a wholesale server provider. These host companies then divide this space up into smaller units which they market under their name as hosting services for websites.

What many people often wonder is why would a company need to purchase server space from a wholesale provider. While most well-established hosting companies don't often use reseller hosting space, this can be a very effective tool for new businesses just starting out in the industry.

If there is a deficiency of capital that prevents the purchase of their own servers, often times new start up hosting services will purchase server space from a wholesale provider and focus on growing their business through marketing rather than through the acquisition of their own proprietary servers. This also allows them to set their profit levels without having to consider the cost of maintenance, which the wholesaler will still be responsible for.

You may be wondering if this option is right for hosting your website. When you're considering hosting, you'll be faced with four choices. The first option, and the most common option is with a shared hosting service. The next option will be to go with a virtual dedicated server. Then, of course, there is the reseller hosting service. The most expensive, and last option, is a dedicated server hosting plan.

What might make the choice of unlimited reseller hosting right for your website is that in relation to all the services and features you will find in a typical hosting plan, the reseller version typically represents the middle ground. It may not be as rudimentary as a shared option, but it will not be as feature laden as a dedicated plan.

In addition, a reseller hosting plan is typically less costly than a dedicated server plan. However, because of its unlimited nature, this option is more expensive than a shared hosting option. Unless you are expecting large amounts of traffic or you need to exert a great deal of control over the applications that are installed on your web server, you might find that a reseller hosting option is a good option for your website. At the very least, it's something that you should consider.