More than ever before, our busy schedules are making regular exercise feel like an unattainable feat.    Even with all the advances in technology that simplify modern living, we often struggle to find the time to join a gym or be part of a sports team.  There is also the unpredictability of weather to contend with,   from the blizzards of winter to summer days where the heat hits you like a wall as soon as you set foot outside.  

One great way to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle, no matter what life throws at you, is with home exercise equipment.  Once thought to be heavy, large and cumbersome, modern exercise equipment has come a long way.  A great first choice for a home exercise machine is the folding treadmill, a collapsible version of the original indoor walking and running unit.

There is a definite benefit to using a folding treadmill over that of a regular treadmill.  The first plus is that there is no loss of primary function when switching between the two types of machines.   Although they are structurally different, the purpose and function remains the same.  Since treadmills are ideal for high and low-impact, weight-bearing exercises, the health benefits of both types of machines are identical.  Either treadmill style is great for weight control and building stronger bones, and like most forms of aerobic exercise, regular use of any treadmill can also lower blood pressure and cholesterol.  However, in choosing a folding treadmill, you get all the added convenience of a collapsible piece of equipment without missing out on any of the wellness factors!    

The real differences are the space saving properties and the portability of a folding machine.  If the space you have available is limited, the fold away option is a definite plus.  Keep in mind, most folding treadmills fold upwards and will need to be stored against a wall rather than folding down for beneath-the-bed storage.  This upwards fold is actually indicative of greater stability in the machine, so make sure you research your storage options thoroughly before you purchase.  Another benefit of a folding treadmill over a regular treadmill is the ease of care and cleaning.  With a freestanding machine, it can be nearly impossible to clean around and underneath the equipment without completely removing the treadmill from its location; no easy feat for a piece of equipment weighing up to 300 pounds.  The folding variety can easily be lifted and tucked away so the area can be cleaned of any dust or debris that might harm the belt or motor of the machine.  

A folding treadmill needs to be strong enough to function well with both running and walking use, something naturally expected out of every treadmill.  However, the actual stability of a folding treadmill is the main thing you want to inspect when researching the purchase.  Some companies have created their folding treadmill from an original freestanding design, adding a few components to increase support when folded.  It is recommended you find a company that has created a folding treadmill design from scratch, which means a better design and less chance of the treadmill requiring repair and maintenance in the future.  Doing your research will save you money and unnecessary headaches when the day is done!

Today's folding treadmills are sturdy, convenient and the perfect option for working out in any space or weather!  Making exercising easy and accessible all the time, a fold away treadmill is a great choice for any home exercise equipment collection.