Seven Advantages of a Weight Training Workout

Weight training could be considered as any form of physical exercise employing dumbbells, bars and other equipment specifically built to develop the size of our muscle mass; weight training is different to bodybuilding from the point of view that this is a form of strength training and not a sport; also the main objective is just to gain lean muscle mass and improve the appearance of our body; a training regime doesn’t necessarily mean the use of personal trainers, supplements, competitions and it is not expected to develop the physique than bodybuilders usually have.


Benefits of Weight Training


1)   Speed Up your Metabolism with Exercise:

Build Muscle, whey protein for perfect bodyMany people usually blame a slow metabolism as the reason why they can’t lose any weight and although it is true that a very small percentage of the population suffer from this condition; the great majority of the population uses it as an excuse to continue the bad eating habits; however, the solution is simple: weight training helps to increase our basal metabolism - even 24 hours after a complete workout training; this will not only help you build lean muscle and tone your body but you will burn more calories during the day (and the night).


2)   Exercise Improves your Mood and General Well-Being:

Strength training has the property of making you feel better and happier. It improves our mood as the brain normally releases endorphins (the happy hormone) and serotonin (the calming hormone); many researches have also proven that physical exercise improves the quality of the sleep, energises you and improves your balance.


3)   Lifting Weight Reduces the Risk of Osteoporosis:

In order to prevent the natural thinning of the bones that occurs with the passing of the time; it is important to build and maintain bone density and mass, this can only be achieved with a good diet (one that provides the amount of calcium needed for your body) and exercise. Nowadays, there is evidence that shows that three weekly sessions of weight training is ideal to increase bone density and decrease the chances of elderly people falling.


4)   Weight Training Improves the Efficiency of our Heart:

The ideal way to lower the resting heart rate and make your heart more efficient is by practicing regular exercise; light to moderate exercise at least three times a week will keep your heart healthy, as it boots the circulation of the blood around our organism; as a consequence, our heart will get bigger, stronger and more efficient in pumping blood around our body.


How to build the perfect body5)   Weight Training and the Immune System:

A strong immune system will combat illness and diseases better and faster; therefore, improving its functioning should be a priority for any person; the perfect link to achieve this is by exercising regularly. The boost in the cell that attacks bacteria, as well as the general feeling of accomplishment and happiness that moderate exercise produces will result in providing our body with the tools it needs to fight colds and the flu.


6)   Exercise is the “Super Medicine” to Reduce Cancer and “Super Drug”  for Cancer Survivors:

According to a report from the American College of Sports Medicine, breast, prostate and bowel  cancer are significantly reduced by regular exercise. The report reads in one of the sections “…Also, doing recommended levels of physical activity may reduce the chance of dying from the disease. It may also help reduce the risk of the cancer coming back”.[198]


7)   Other Important Benefits of Regular Weight Training:

The positive effect on all your muscles and organs will make your body less prone to develop lower back problems; it will decrease your resting blood pressure, increase your good cholesterol and reduce the risk of developing diabetes.