Choosing the right college is a very important decision. There are many factors that you will need to consider before making a definitive decision. The first ten years out of high school can shape the rest of your life. Many of life's major decisions happen during that decade. Some of those decisions include: going to college, choosing a career, finding a job, choosing a spouse, buying your first home, deciding what city you will live in, and the list goes on. In this article, we are going to focus on the important decision of where to go to college. You basically have a few choices to consider and those are: a community college, a state university, a private liberal arts college or a religious/ Bible college. Here are some benefits for attending a Bible college.

First, it can assist you in establishing your religious beliefs. The spiritual life is important to a lot of people. Many grow up attending church or believe that there is a Creator who created them. However, as a young teenage boy goes off to college, it is time for him to decide so things on his own. He needs to decide what his religious beliefs and convictions will be. If his spiritual life is ever going to be real to him, then he must establish beliefs personally and not just because someone told him to believe a certain way. Bible colleges are unique in that you can still gain all of your basic course work and at the same time, take some religious courses that can deepen your spiritual convictions and life.

Second, a Bible college can have a great culture associated with it. No place is perfect, you will always find bad apples everywhere that go, but the majority of students at a Bible college have a heart to live for God and to do right. If you are a parent, this can be very comforting as you want to know that your child is surrounded by "positive peer pressure." Please do not misunderstand. It is never good to overly shelter your child from the regular, everyday culture. At the same time, it is not wise to throw them into a negative environment hoping that they will just make the right decisions.

Lastly, Bible college is a great place to draw near your Creator. If you believe in God, then you will also believe that He has created and uniquely gifted you for a reason. There are things that come easy for you that other people struggle with. by drawing close to Him at school and listening for His voice, you can know the direction that you should go with your life and career.