A Coleman rechargeable lantern provides light in times of need. Coleman has a long history of making quality products. Whether it is to keep for emergencies in the home or vehicle, Coleman makes a great rechargeable lantern to light the way.

Coleman has been making lanterns and camping gear since the early 1900s. They make high quality products or they would not have lasted over 100 years. One such product is the Coleman LED Rechargeable Lantern, Model Number 2000001562. This lantern is reasonably priced, at less than $45.00 and provides great light for emergency situations in the home or car or for fun situations, like camping or fishing. This portable light shines brightly at 145 lumens when turned on high. The battery for this light runs for ten hours on low and five hours on high. The light comes with two different chargers, one for home use and one for use in the car. The chargers are stored in the base of the lantern. The light is built to be tough, durable and weather resistant. It comes with a five-year warranty.

The Coleman rechargeable light makes a great emergency light for the home. It has a 120-volt AC adapter for home charging. When the power goes out in the home, as it often does, the Coleman lantern, (when plugged in), automatically lights the room with emergency light. Having a Coleman rechargeable lantern plugged in provides safety and security with comforting light during power outages at home.

The lantern also makes a great emergency light to keep in the vehicle. It measures less than twelve inches high and just over seven inches wide, making it easy to store. A twelve-volt charger comes with the laRechargeable Lanternntern for portable use. Changing a flat tire in the dark, on the side of the road is no fun. It gets even less fun if it is raining. Having an emergency light makes changing a tire much easier and much quicker. A Coleman lantern also provides light for looking under the hood of a car after it breaks down in the dark. From battery trouble to radiator problems, having light makes dealing with car problems easier in the dark.

A Coleman rechargeable lantern is not only good for emergency use. They are good to use during fun events and outdoor adventures as well. They provide a great camping light and are great to carry to the bathroom from the campsite. They also make the perfect portable light to take on early morning fishing trips that start before the sun is up and end after the sun goes down. A rechargeable light is perfect for emergencies and having fun too.